Wow! Thank you for your support!!!

It’s barely been 72 hours since launching my Patreon account and inviting support. Honestly, the response has been very humbling. This was in spite of spending 1/3rd of my video ensuring the most important research and education content will always be available here for free — and that I’d rather people save their money if it has any significant financial impact. (Which might make it the worst Patreon pitch video evah!)

Don’t get me wrong, I have found a number of fun ways to give exclusive content to patrons such as my Davehead pizza cooking video, current experiment vlogging, and preview content to my blog posts here. So in a sense, you’re getting a good peek behind the curtain, or the “sausage making” as it were. Moreover, I feel like I can poll my patrons on my choices for upcoming experiments — after all, they’re helping to make it possible. But again, all finished material related to this research, videos, and presentations I mean to keep available here for free, forever.

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6 years ago

Would you like to test blood glucose at three levels of protein In take?
Stratified egg white is my simple way.
Low level is two whole eggs and six yolks
Middle is eight whole eggs
High is eight whole eggs plus six egg whites
By addi g or subtracting six egg whites the blood glucose will very
Two Hour or ten hour

6 years ago

For me eating one meal a day it is easy to isolate the effect on glucose.
Eating 2000 calories each egg white (20) is one percent of 2000
So 50 grams of protein is ten percent
Add six egg whites is sixteen percent protein
Add another six is now 22 percent
For me each white added or subtracted averages one mg per DL up or down in both 2 hour and 10 hour blood glucose.
So what is optimal? And how to dial your level might be a sew and sew stratified egg white
DR Rosedale suggested 10 percent
Others 16 and others 20
What is optimal?
Might depend on age and health goals
Although igf 1 a d igf 1 binding protein might offer some insight

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