Jan 05

Very Happy with the Launch, Now Time to Recover

Wow! As of this writing, it has been barely 48 hours since I posted the Capstone Experiment video and it’s definitely making the rounds.

Alas, I have made many promises to my family that once I was done with this leviathan of an experiment I’d be doing some catch-up. So I’m giving a heads up that I’ll be a little less active on social media for the next several days.

P.S. I have the most amazing wife in the world to put up with all this madness!

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Ray Foley
2 years ago

I’m on a whole food plant based diet and workout daily (swimming, yoga and general workouts). Do you have any tools to help lower blood pressure while on this diet. I am currently on 3 high blood pressure medications as well as Lipitor, and barely holding my own: meaning more meds are possible. Obviously I’d rather be going the other way: getting off the meds. I’m open to any suggestions. Thanks.

2 years ago

On the basis of this, I just did a Google search for the effect of fasting on cholesterol levels and got this paper, which says fasting increases total Cholesterol and LDL. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10539776

That seems in line with your theories, what do you think?