Updates a Many

This site has been uncharacteristically lacking in posts the last month and a half, mainly due to a large number developments behind the scenes. Here we’ll be providing a summary of what’s been happening:

New Heights for Own Your Labs

OwnYourLabs.com has been experiencing explosive growth! Since our update and announcement in the last CC post before this one, we’ve seen OYL orders climb substantially.

  • This was in large part due to our new video and website overhaul. We’re actually quite pleased with the functional updates especially, as we wanted better searching and selecting compared to our original version.
  • While we’re quite ecstatic for the extraordinary increase, it has certainly required a bit more bandwidth on our part, particularly for Siobhan, who heads up operations for OYL. This now has her working significantly longer than she was before and thus we’re doing some back office reshuffling on resources to make OYL a much more central role to her responsibilities.

Lean Mass Hyper-responder Study IRB

Myself, I’m still very much engaged in working toward completing the IRB process for the LMHR study.

I’ll concede, it’s some of the most intensive collaboration and detail deliberation I’ve experienced in a long time. Quite a bit of work is being injected in getting the foundation of this study properly set forth.

  • Many, many rules. While I can’t discuss these things openly until the IRB is approved, I’ll just say there are a number of different expected procedures and processes in both setup and execution of the study that certainly exceeded my original expectations.
  • And the documents… to say we’ve had many documents to write and revise (and revise again, and again) would be an understatement. There’s just a lot of work that is required in getting this set for its launch.

All that said, I feel quite blessed to have such a strong team to work with in making this happen. Many thanks to Spencer Nadolsky, Tommy Wood, and our partner center (which we hope to announce soon).

Siobhan and Lipedema

One recent and personal development is the possibility Siobhan may be diagnosed with Lipedema. This hasn’t been a confirmed diagnosis yet, but she’ll be seeing a specialist this coming week to find out with greater certainty.

The origin of this being a possibility was actually due to her recent #EpicFast experiment. In posting pictures at the end of the experiment, many familiar with Lipedema reached out to her on the topic given her weight loss distribution was very characteristic of the condition.

Unsurprisingly, Siobhan has ramped up her research for this topic and has already begun making headway on better understanding the condition. To be sure, she starts off with several advantages given her background already in lipids, inflammation, and of course, her extensive wealth of prior bloodwork throughout her metabolic transformation. Many (like myself) are predicting bring a lot of new innovation to understanding this important and prominent disease.

Presentations, for Limited Engagement Only

I decided early in the year to keep presentations at a minimum. I had already turned down a few offers simply because I had too much on my plate with the IRB. But I went ahead and did four over the last two weekends. They all had a few subtle differences, but shared much of the same material. I’ll concede this was a bit more exhausting than I was expecting given the existing work load, but it was nice to unload some of our latest advancements for the Lipid Energy Model.

The videos won’t be posted for a while, but we’ll add them to an article here when they are.

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11 days ago

I haven’t seen any responses from you and it has been a disappointment.

Carl Nelson
Carl Nelson
11 days ago

Dave, I am amazed how busy and productive you are! I look forward to the new videos and as usual all of your research and personal N of 1’s.
I am fairly new to your work but have watched and read so much about you in the last 2 months. I’ve been Carnivore for the last 7 weeks, Minus 10lbs and just had my 2nd blood draw Fri. (04-30-21) and am looking forward to seeing what 6 weeks will look at compared to my 1st 2 weeks. Planning on a once a month blood draw and also, LOVE OwnYourLabs, what a service you and Siobhan have given to us!!!
Thank You!

Siobhan Huggins
1 day ago
Reply to  Carl Nelson

Thanks for the support on all fronts, Carl. It’s much appreciated!

4 days ago

Hi Dave and Siobhan

Thanks for all your hard work on this stuff!

Is it possible to send private messages to either of you?

I ask because I have several constructive criticisms and don’t want to litter the public boards with them!



Last edited 4 days ago by Nick
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