The Trifecta Tour

For the next couple weeks I’ll be taking a lot of planes, trains, and automobiles…

The Tour begins

Yes, while the Mrs holds down the fort at home, I’ll be bouncing around the U.S. doing three presentations in 8 days:

  1. Ancestral Health Symposium in Bozeman, MT, where I will speak on the 19th
  2. Ketofest in New London, CT, where I’ll speak on the 22nd
  3. Low Carb USA in San Diego, CA, where I speak on the 27th

Although those arrows make it look easy, I’ll actually have to navigate a bunch of connecting flights, train and road trips throughout as both Bozeman and New London aren’t near a major airport of any kind. Meh!

But wait… there’s more…

While in San Diego:

Needless to say, it’s going to be a pretty intense couple of weeks.

Siobhan’s Speaking Debut

Also at Ketofest, Siobhan Huggins will be giving her first full presentation, “LDL: Primed to Protect (Cholesterol’s role in defense and repair) ” this coming Sunday at Ketofest. Spoiler alert — I’ve gotten a sneak preview and it’s going to be fantastic!

So Heads Up, Internet – We’re Busy!

With all this in mind, don’t be surprised if both my and Siobhan’s activity here at Cholesterol Code and on social media in general is drawn down for the week.

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5 years ago

I saw your presentation at Ketofest last year. Your presentation was great. I can’t be at ketofest this year, sad to say. That’s too bad, as I’d love to hear Siobhan’s talk.

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