The Next Chapter

Something amazing has happened.

For the first time in two and a half years, I won’t be running a deficit with this research. In other words, funding from individuals has now reached a point where I won’t need to draw from my savings next month. I should be able to cover my expenses — including the lab tests for the current experiments.

And it’s all thanks to YOU!

I was pretty adamant about being “only funded by individuals” and keeping the research from ever needing money from product placement or affiliates on the site or really anything that could impact the integrity of the data. And that’s exactly what you made happen, Patreon and donations, large and small.

I am truly humbled this day has come and I can’t thank you all enough for your direct support of this research. Truly, it wouldn’t be possible without you.

Welcome the Amazing Siobhan – Full Time!

Siobhan has taken the extraordinary step of leaving her job to work for and this research full time. She’ll not only be helping to advance the research and spread this critical knowledge, she’ll be key to the coming lab testing service we want to have in the future.

I can’t emphasize just how much I’ve come to rely on Siobhan for her tenacity in researching the many papers around cholesterol and particularly her focus on its involvement with the immune response. She’ll be able to provide us more of her wonderful articles on this and many other topics around lipids as well.


As I’ve been emphasizing for several months now, I’ve had a long-standing agreement with the Mrs for our 10 year anniversary that we’d take two weeks off. Exactly what we’re doing is still being determined, but the key is she’ll be off from work and alas, I’ll be drawing down on the research and social media (how will I survive?).

Needless to say, I won’t be very present online for the next couple weeks until the beginning of May. As a result, Siobhan will be handling comments on the website to make up for the absence. If there are any questions she can answer while I’m away, she will do her best to answer them.

The Current Weight Gain Experiment

Obviously, I’ll be likewise gaining weight through the vacation period as intended, which shouldn’t be hard to do. Then I’ll be immediately testing on my return and — provided I gained the goal weight — returning to keto and trying to test my lipids while maintaining it. More on that later.

Next Steps

In the meantime, I’ll have a rare moment to ruminate on the Big Picture during the Hiatus. Certainly hitting this financial milestone allows for a better assessment of what is possible and how best to make it happen.

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Eileen Janeke
6 years ago

Wow! Congratulations Dave! Your contributions to the research will impact the lives of us all. I shudder to think of you piling on the pounds and will watch developments with interest! Welcome Siobhan, thank you for the sterling legwork you do for us!

Siobhan Huggins
Siobhan Huggins(@siobhanh)
6 years ago
Reply to  Eileen Janeke

Thank you! I’m glad to be able to help Dave out in an official capacity – and dedicate a lot more time to it!

Tommy Boy
Tommy Boy
6 years ago

I am sorry but…

I cannot find any examples of exactly HOW one is supposed to raise ones fat intake to the required level to produce the LDL drop needed for a lipid test. I need to see examples of the changes you made to your daily food intake. What foods you ate and how much for the three days prior to the test.

Thank You
Tommy Boy

Siobhan Huggins
Siobhan Huggins(@siobhanh)
6 years ago
Reply to  Tommy Boy

Hi there – I participated in the Ketofest Experiment (a bunch of people doing the feldman protocol).
For the three days prior I ate <800 calories per day with ketogenic ratios (although you should only eat as little as you are comfortable with, you just want there to be a big difference between the low calorie days and high calorie). I ate things like bunless burgers, and coffee with heavy cream.
You could also straight fast if you're comfortable with that.
Then I got the first blood test done.
For the next three days I ate 3-6000 calories (as much food as I was comfortable with and didn't make me feel sick). The food consisted of: heavy cream (a lot of it, in coffee, in shakes, in everything). Bacon, bunless burgers, eggs with butter, chicken tikka masala, wings dipped in butter, etc. I tried to keep ketogenic ratios during this period and ate very very high fat... so minimizing carbs as much as possible, moderate protein, and high fat.

Dave has commented for his drops he ate fatty cheeses, meat, and "Fat shakes" (heavy cream, cocoa powder, and stevia).
But you could personalize to your own taste. Curries with heavy cream based sauces, meat dipped in butter, fat shakes, whatever it is you enjoy the most (because you'll be eating a lot of it!)
Also keep in mind that if you ever feel unwell, to stop. Only eat as much as is comfortable (Although you'll likely feel very full) - we don't want anyone getting hurt!

Also important to note is to make sure the high calorie days are high fat and not high fat AND high carb - the high carb in addition can make things a bit weird.

I hope that helps!

6 years ago

“For the next three days I ate 3-6000 calories …”

So you test after 3 low calories (suspect fasting is ok during this period.) do the high calorie refeeding for 3 days and retest to see the change? Should you do a 12 hr. fast before the draw after the refeeding to see the best results?

Siobhan Huggins
Siobhan Huggins(@siobhanh)
6 years ago
Reply to  Colaroygal

Exactly, you got it! Three days low calorie (or fasting, as you said), 12 hour water fast on top of that, test.
Then, three days high calorie, 12 hour water fast, another test.
The 12 hour water fast is standard before each test as not fasting can confound results by quite a bit.

There’s a guide on how to do the protocol, and the different versions here.

Tommy Boy
Tommy Boy
6 years ago

Thank you Siobhan.

Tommy Boy

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