The New Cholesterol Code – Less Comments, More Research

Hello everyone!

You may have noticed we’ve been posting less frequently here at (CC). This isn’t for lack of interesting things to share and update you on – it’s because Siobhan and I are now fully entrenched in both formal research through the and expanding our blood testing service,

A Quick Recap

Here’s a brief rundown of everything Dave been doing over the last year:

  • Four papers published on the Lipid Energy Model and the Lean Mass Hyper-Responder phenotype, including one first authored
  • Produced video abstracts on two of these papers (here and here)
  • Four presentations and eleven interviews
  • And, of course, extensive ongoing work with the LMHR Study out of UCLA

Here’s a brief rundown of everything Siobhan been doing over the last year:

The Developments We Hoped For

We’ve long used CC as a means to stay close to the community and help promote the research we would like to see happen. But each of these circumstances have changed –– in a good way.

Before, the community was small and it was uncertain how prevalent things like the LMHR phenotype were. Now, as of this writing, the LMHR Facebook group and its sister CholesterolCode Facebook group boast over 9,000 members each(!), and it’s very active in knowledge sharing.

Also, we previously wrote emails and visited NLA conferences in the hopes we could get researchers to help advance this science. Now we’re working directly with researchers on the endeavors we dreamed of, both in the publication of papers and running studies directly.

To put it simply, we’ve replaced our responsibilities in pitching these projects with actually doing them.

What’s Next for CC?

We’re going to continue to be an information hub for our research, such as hosting an active published papers page.

  • We’ll also continue to post major announcements here.
  • However, we don’t have the bandwidth we once did for actively responding to all comments. Thus, we’re going to be retiring the Questions Page, and will not be actively responding to comments on CC.
  • More of the key questions folks are looking for will be answered in our current and ongoing published research, such as the LMHR study. For other questions, consider reaching out to us on social media via Twitter (@realDaveFeldman, @siobhan_huggins), or tagging us in the Facebook groups.

Again, we can’t thank everyone enough for their continued support at getting our research where it’s at — there’s so much more to come!

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