The Big Reveal is Tomorrow at Noon

Well, here we are. My doctor has the final labs in hand for my longest, most ambitious experiment yet. I’ve instructed him to not reveal it in any way — not even to hint at what it might say.

Over the last few months, I’ve told many doctors and researchers of my planned experiment for December and some of them got to see me doing it up close (such as Drs Jeffry Gerber and Steven Horvitz) when meeting me for dinner. I’ll give the longer details on it in a later post, but needless to say, there were some unexpected curveballs that weren’t entirely under my control. All in all, it was about a month of work including the washout period.

Now I have confirmation all labs are final, although the NMR didn’t make it (long story). But that’s okay as I made sure to get a standard lipid panel, which will give me the metrics I was most focused on demonstrating change: Total Cholesterol, LDL-C, HDL-C, and Triglycerides. Thus, as per my original plan, I’ll be revealing this data to myself and everyone else LIVE.

I’m setting the reveal for tomorrow, December 29th at 12pm PST (3pm EST). I’ll be opening it on a Facebook Live feed from my page.

(I’ll also separately film the event and post that to my YouTube channel at a later point.)

I’ll concede this is the only test I didn’t want to immediately see and add to my spreadsheet. I’m happy enough waiting until tomorrow as it could very well mean I’ll have another month-long experiment or two to do if the data doesn’t turn out as I’d expect. This one experiment was pretty challenging, yet achingly monotonous and tedious at the same time. And I might be completely right on my Phase II hypothesis, just wrong on the presumption of top-off glycogen points or things associated with timing (there’s really a lot of variables to control for). Anyway, any data collected is still better than no data at all, so whatever happens, I’ll hopefully have some valuable new clues in hand as I move forward.

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6 years ago

I saw the video with the reveal of a very low LDL. You mentioned it was a successful outcome of a month’s hard work. Congratulations? Nowhere did I find any discussion of what the experiment was, how it was implemented, or why?

Kendall D Trembearth
Kendall D Trembearth
6 years ago

I had the same question as ZenEngineer. Looking forward to tomorrows revelation!

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