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Welcome to This site serves as an information and research hub for emerging data on cholesterol. particularly in the context of a low carbohydrate lifestyle.

If you know little to nothing about cholesterol ->

If you’re wanting to learn more about why cholesterol could be higher, particularly on a low carb diet, we present the Lipid Energy Model (LEM) ->

  • Our recently released full paper on the LEM published in Metabolites
  • You can watch our video abstract for this paper here (5 min):

If you’re looking to better understand the risk associated with high cholesterol on a low carb diet->

  • Note we are still recruiting for our LMHR study through the Lundquist Institute. Check out our official recruitment page at to find out if YOU qualify!
  • While several articles on this site present a more “cautiously optimistic” perspective on cholesterol in the context of fat adaptation, we strongly encourage everyone to consider the conventional view as well. Consider reading The Case for Lower LDL on Low Carb by our colleague and co-investigator, Spencer Nadolsky.

If looking to understand the “Lean Mass Hyper-responder” profile ->

If you’d like to understand possible relevance of cholesterol and the immune system, you can read Siobhan’s overview article on the topic here or watch her presentation here

If you’d like to learn more about lipoprotein(a), you can watch Siobhan’s presentation on it here

Lastly — you can always just ask us anything our Questions Page. (Just be aware our site does not constitute medical advice and we always recommend consulting with your doctor.)

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17 days ago

What about Hemoglobin A1C levels also being elevated ?
LDL 165
HDL 62
A1C 5.9
Fasting Glucose 109
not able to find any info on the a1c levels
looks like my numbers are between normal and LMHR’S
any help would be awesome. Carnivore for 1 year now
Thanks Ken

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