Special Event: Live Reaction to Lipid Video by Nutrition by Science

A few days ago, Mario Kratz, released a video around lipids and ASCVD that also featured our work with Lean Mass Hyper-Responders and the Lipid Energy Model.

To be sure, while I did got a chance to listen to it at 2x speed on a drive between two meetings, it was more of a skimming, in a sense. But today I’m going to listen live with members & patrons at 7am PST (see companion post to this one – and if not a member, you can register here).

I’ve give my live reactions, but as always, I want to keep it both respectful and productive. I can say in advance my interest in this video is in large part due to my existing respect for Mario and his diligent work on his content. But moreover, he and I are already of comparable opinions with regard to metabolic health and its enormous importance in reducing risk.

I’ll then hand off my video to Mario directly, and if he feels it is helpful in advancing the conversation, I may release an edited version of the video for my channel.

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