Apr 29

Low Carb Salt Lake – Presentation on Cholesterol and Risk

The conference was certainly in Utah was surprisingly excellent. I was glad to finally do a long form presentation on cholesterol and risk, albeit a little sleep deprived. Linked here is the slide deck.

You can download the PDF of my slides here.

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Patrick Bennett
Patrick Bennett

Hi Dave.

Firstly, I want to thank you for all your research and efforts you have been and are continuing to do to bring us out of the dark ages of cholesterol understanding. I’ve had to purge my mind of much that I took for granted as concrete theories around cholesterol taught to us by white haired professors in med school.

I have one question though. Understanding that inflammation, endothelial damage and oxidative stress (as well as high levels of insulin) are the main culprits behind vascular diseases today. Would you recommend statins for a population with high risk for all of the aforementioned risk factors and would you still recommend using a fat based diet in those cases?

Siobhan Huggins

We don’t “recommend” a high fat low carb diet for people in general, although Dave and I are both low carb. If someone had high insulin, high inflammation markers, and endothelial dysfunction on a day to day basis, I would likely want to investigate the root cause of whatever is causing those things if I were in their position. Is their diet contributing? Are they a smoker? Are they sleeping poorly? Identify the root issues, and work on fixing them. If it is the diet, perhaps change it. Low carb, or keto, may not be necessary – plenty of people do well on things like paleo, or just a general whole foods approach in general. Whatever diet helps resolve the hyperinsulinemia and is sustainable to the person is likely what I would go for – what that ends up being, I think, depends on the situation and the person.
Regarding statins, regardless of the situation, that is a personal choice. My personal opinion would be that the person would likely benefit from doing what makes them most comfortable based on their understanding of the research.

Brent Van Arsdell
Brent Van Arsdell

Hi Dave,
What speaking events do you have scheduled for this summer?
I’d like to come and hear you speak.

Siobhan Huggins

The next one is Ketofest, in July, if I recall correctly.

--==== CholesterolCode.com/Report v0.9Lloyd Hlavac
--==== CholesterolCode.com/Report v0.9Lloyd Hlavac

I saw the video of this. Excellent.