Jan 12

Peter Lansberg, Carnivore Conundrum, and Caving Up

Peter Lansberg, MD PhD coming to #CholesterolScience

I’m honored to have Dr. Peter Lansberg join me 9am PST this Monday (14th) on my channel to talk about all things lipids. He is actually the first practicing Lipidologist to jump on and I’m sure we’ll have a lot of great discussion.

As always, you can post questions to Dr. Lansberg either by comment down below or on twitter using the hashtag, #CholesterolScience. And of course, keep it fun and friendly.

Carnivore Conundrum

My carnivore experiment has certainly been an adventure, although not entirely the one I had in mind. Alas, there have been a handful of things within the experiment that seem to have kept it from being an autonomous experience. All of this I’ll have in the write up.

For now, just know that the 30 days will end on the 15th. And while I was originally thinking of doing an addendum experiment to follow, I’m now having second thoughts. More on all this in the final write up.

Caving Up to Write a Paper

While I’ve already been tapering down social media a bit lately, I may be dropping off a fair amount more. My intense focus is needed to complete some important writing, much of which you’ll know about eventually.

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My son has familial hypercholesterolemia. His numbers freak doctors right out. I took him for many opinions and all the doctors suggested statins at the age of 9, but not one of those doctors could answer the question, why now? Will it affect his growth? Why can’t we wait until he is done growing? I didn’t put him on the statins until he was 15. The dr’s were very satisfied with the test results but I was concerned. His good cholesterol dropped too! He got mono, then the flu, and a constant cough. He was always tired and his lower back constantly hurt. I lowered the dosage but he still complained. He has been off statins for three months. He hasn’t been sick and he feels great. I’m sure his cholesterol is back up over 400+. What age do you think statins should begin?

Bill Robinson

Is the live stream on?

Bill Robinson

Bill Robinson​Of all Dave’s interviews, he stands out as being the most defensive in his responses. Maybe it’s English as a second language.

He parried several of Daves core questions

​Thanks Dave for doing these streams.

​​He didn’t address the question that the particles don’t come through the endothelium, but it comes through the vasa vasorum. He’s dismissive, but doesn’t give the impression that he understood the question or was familiar with the issue.

Bill Robinson

He’s been working in this field for decades
and the best possible anecdote he could
come up with was a woman (previous
smoker) who he put on statins and then she
died? What’s this supposed to show?

He talked about people with PCSK9 deficiency
who have no coronary diseases, trying to prove
that the PCSK9 drugs will be beneficial? He’s
ignoring the probability that their deficiency in
one area is mitigated by upregulating a protective
process in another, such as people with sickle
cell anemia being resistant to malaria. Does it
follow that we should then give people sickle cell anemia?

Bill Robinson


Did you see today’s post from Dr. Malcolm Kendrick:


LDL is not a risk factor for stroke (or cardiovascular disease)

Colin Vankeith
Colin Vankeith

Dr. Lansberg made reference to the Dutch FH study showing benefits to lowering cholesterol with statins in this group. I am providing a link to a European Study that also makes reference this smaller Dutch study:

“We found that, before and after statins became widely available, there was no excess coronary mortality in patients aged >60 years without known coronary disease at registration.”

Again a study, this time FH whereby elevated LDL does not appear to be a risk factor for the elderly; the opposite of what one would expect if LDL were a causative factor. I’m disappointed that Dr. Lansberg chose to cherry pick results from the study that he made reference to.

Colin Vankeith
Colin Vankeith

Sorry, I forgot to include the link. Here it is:

Roger Johnson
Roger Johnson

Date 2007 2017 5/92018 5/1/2019

Angaston Score 90 221.5 200.5 238.53
Volume 148.96 130.3 182.58
Area 49.65 43.43 60.86
Density 4.46 4.63 3.92
Diet Medit Medit KetoX3 YRS Keto 4 yrs+ Carnivore 6 mo
The only change to my diet and lifestyle in 2019 is i went Carnivore to treat a chronic overproduction of gas when i ingest and ferment-able vegetables.