Our Work Discussed on The Joe Rogan Experience!

In the podcast dropped today by the prolific Joe Rogan, our work with the Lipid Energy Model, consideration of lipid risk in a metabolic context, and of course, the LMHR Study all got some decent airplay.

Mega thanks to Paul Saladino who brought all these concepts up about an hour and 49 minutes in. (The video link above is queued to that time)

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Alan Nocita
Alan Nocita
7 days ago

Been carnivore for several months now. Triglycerides 40, HDL 80 and LDL 256. My doctor said he would normally put me on meds but all my other markers were so good and when I told him what I was doing he actually understood what I was doing. Never felt better and I’ve been follow a Ketogenic diet for almost 10 years. I’m 71 years old, done resistance training pretty much my whole life; 6′, 180lbs. There is life after 55! Love you guys.

Siobhan Huggins
5 days ago
Reply to  Alan Nocita

Hi Alan,
Thanks for sharing your experience! In case you weren’t already aware, it sounds like you fit the profile of a Lean Mass Hyper-responder, e.g. someone who is typically lean, active and powered by fat (on a high fat low carb diet). Glad to hear you’re feeling good, and sounds like you have a doctor you can work with to help you keep an eye on things – always great to have in my experience.. 🙂

2 days ago

Hello Siobhan and others,

My story is similar to Alan’s. “Carnivorish” (thank you Dr. Paul), triglycerides at 56, HDL at 114, LDL at 277. I am 5’5″ 122 lbs woman, age 70. Never felt better!

My doctor suggests the meds. I am happy not to do that and proud to (perhaps) be lean mass hyper responder.

Thank you Dave, Siobhan and community!


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