One Year, Not Five

We have some powerful news today – we now have it on strong authority that the followup time for the LMHR Measurement Project will be more than sufficient at one year, not five.

Spencer, Tommy, and I have been consulting many people both individually and together, including a very high level imaging expert. And we’re now confident progression of atherosclerosis for the LMHR population should be observable with CT Angiogram imaging at one year apart.

Needless to say, this is some very unexpected news. But I’d argue it is certainly more positive than negative. This does introduce a new slate of changes we’ll need to adjust for:

  1. Our existing budgetary timing will be tighter. We have been seeking $2,000 per LMHR for this initial round of tests with the assumption we’d be raising the same amount for the second round in five years time. Given we’re now talking one year, the turnaround time will need to be much sooner.
  2. However, with regard to (1) above, our high level expert has helped us figure out ways to save on the overhead per participant, but we can’t speak on that just yet. We now think we may be able to still keep the price to $2,000/each, but manage to cover both the first and second round testing.
  3. This may change my own plans for the documentary and book. Given how close we are to having data in hand, it may be worth chronicling the effort in real time until it is wrapped, thus having a more compelling story for each medium given the big ending.

It’s pretty hard to express in words how seismic this news has been for us. Instead of a long stretch for half a decade once we officially start, we could instead be bringing forward powerful new data in just a twelve months regarding diet-induced high cholesterol and risk of atherosclerosis.

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1 year ago

That is amazing news. You guys keep it up and you’ll be written about in forth coming history books. And it will be the truth this time around. Great job Dave. Keep going, Gonna be a great new year.

Siobhan Huggins
1 year ago
Reply to  Roc

Thanks for your support – I agree it feels like the year certainly won’t be boring 🙂

1 year ago

Nice work Dave! I for one would be interested in participating and happy to pay for my own tests.

Siobhan Huggins
1 year ago
Reply to  Jim

Thanks for your interest! Keep an eye out for an enrollment announcement in the future – keep in mind that there will be exclusion criteria though (to be announced down the road), as a necessity. It will be exciting to see how the data develops, all the same! 🙂

John Tucker
John Tucker
1 year ago

My personal N=1 data as a LMHR with baseline CAC Aug 2018, follow up Jan 2020 18 mo apart, Unfortunately, my experience has not been good. In Aug 2018 I received a CAC of 60 with 4 lesions in the LAD, CT angiogram showed mild disease. After that intial score, I leaned into the Low Carb lifestyle, 90% Carnivore, zero Carb. My Labs this August 19 revealed profile for LMHR Total Chol 356, Trig 49, HDL 97, LDL 249, A1c5.2 everything “Perfect” save for the high LDL, this was a huge change from my Labs prior to going LC Tot 212, HDl 64, Trig 67, LDL 135. My most recent CAC which was today 18mo follow up as an LMHR I got a score of 119 with 7 lesions in LAD. This is obviously quite personally distressing, but also perhaps of interest to you and Dave as it is an N=1 with DOUBLING of CAC in 18mo as an LMHR.
If you or dave want any further info or better yet have any ideas please contact me.

Siobhan Huggins
11 months ago
Reply to  John Tucker

Definitely of interest – thanks so much for sharing, I know it can be tempting sometimes for people who didn’t get the results they were hoping for not to come forward or mention them, but it is definitely important for them to do so – so again, thank you.
A quick question – did you use the same same machine and same technician for both tests? I have heard a couple cases of scores shifting in unexpected ways when a different machine was used – although perhaps the CT angiogram in tandem would make this less likely.
As far as next steps, we’re not doctors and Ivor Cummins isn’t either but he has done quite a few presentations on what to do with progressing score, or high score to start, and I know he’s working with some cardiologists on a certain technique for it. It may be worth reaching out to him, and see what he says.
It may also be worth asking in the Lean Mass Hyper-responder facebook group as someone there may have experienced the same and see what strategies they are using moving forward, then you could go with whatever makes you most comfortable. I know some who initially high scores have chosen to move away from the profile, are following the protocol mentioned prior, or are getting more tests to help troubleshoot and see if there’s something else that may be leading to the increase, etc.
There’s also the Healing Heart Disease with Keto and Fasting facebook group if you wanted to stick to a keto approach, as well.
So there are various tactics available to choose from that you can discuss with your doctor moving forward, hopefully those suggestions can help you decide what you’d feel most comfortable doing next.
Good luck, and sorry to hear you have had to experience something which I’m sure is quite scary.

EDIT: And if there’s any other questions you have or anything else please feel free to reach back out!

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