Of Travel and Timing


I’ve had quite a few things on my plate over the last six weeks. In fact, four and a half of those weeks were travel alone. Obviously this has quieted the experimentation and blogging somewhat, but that’s about to change.

I have a presentation coming up for the Ketogains conference October 8-9 in Las Vegas. I’ll share a summary of my N=1 data to date, including a recent new surprise that will be meaningful for fat-adapted athletes. I’ll also be giving my assessment of risk for high cholesterol on a low carb diet and why everyone should make an informed decision on this important subject.

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3 years ago

Looking forward to hearing it, Dave!

Pam Devine
3 years ago

Any updates on the surprise data you thought would be meaningful to the fat-adapted athletes yet, Dave?!

3 years ago

Hi Dave I can not see you last post my pass word is not responding would love to read it can I get anew pass word