#LowCarbBreck ’18

Credit: Ted Eytan, MD @tedeytan

This last weekend I got to present at easily one of my favorite conferences to date, Low Carb Breckenridge 2018. Moreover, I had been working extra hard on this particular deck as it was meant to illustrate the energy model of lipids as I see them for a layperson audience.

It was also easily the busiest conference for me as there were quite a lot of contacts and connections with many key people that have led to many new opportunities moving forward. But while it’s fun to connect with A-listers, I really got to hear some remarkable personal stories from many of the attendees and their own journeys on this road.

It’s hard to emphasize enough just how happy I feel in helping others to understand this challenging subject. Cholesterol is so difficult to work through given the many dense texts and literature that surround it. Which is why my favorite compliments aren’t from doctors with 14 letters after their name, it’s from people like Stacy from Ohio. (Hi Stacy!) As these statements were made to me in private, I won’t repeat them here. But I’ll just say they were all very powerful and moving to me. Thank you!





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6 years ago

The two best presentations were Bikman’s (glucagon and insulin wrt protein intake) and Eades’s (types of nutrients wrt RET).

Chuck W
Chuck W
6 years ago

Will video of the presentation be available?

Douglas Ritz
Douglas Ritz
6 years ago

When will these videos become available?

6 years ago

Hi Dave, Great work you are doing here sir. I have just had my almost annual blood tests come in and was wondering if you would like to add them to your mine? Thanks,

6 years ago

Hi Dave,

Just watched the recorded version of LowCarbBreck…Wow…that was really impressive.

Anyway, I thought you would be interested in last comment on this article (there is only two of them)

There are most likely many more hyper responders than you think.


6 years ago

Hi Dave, I m very fond of your great works and self experiments. But I can not stop my mind asking same question over and over again. Almost everyone in Keto has elevated Cholesterol and I know in general differences between cholesterol types but why? Why s elevating? I recently came across w this old medical dictionary (96) saying:
“CHOLESTEROL A fatty substance produced predominantly by the liver, and
necessary for building cell membranes, insulating the CNS, covering fats for blood
transport, forming bile acids, oiling the skin and making steroid hormones. Blood
cholesterols are not derived from food (digestion breaks them down) but are intentionally synthesized by the liver, in response to seeming need. Elevated cholesterols are the result of certain types of stress or metabolic imbalances, and the liver makes more than the tissues need. Although not a direct cause, high consumption of fats and proteins will convince the liver to kick into a fat/protein or anabolic stance…THEN it may oversecrete cholesterols, perhaps thinking you are putting food away for the winter.” 🙁 Hope it helps you to understand my main concerns about Keto as well.

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