LMHR Study Recruitment Complete

We’re beyond excited to announce the Lean Mass Hyper-Responder has completed enrollment. Needless to say, this has been a long awaited milestone.

We’ve updated the recruitment page at CSF to let everyone know we are no longer taking participants for the study.

Again, each of our 100 participants will make a total of two trips to the Lundquist Institute. The first will provide the baseline scan, then they will return a year later for their second scan. Once all participants have completed both scans, we’ll move ahead with the final analysis.

We’re still in the process of completing our funding for this study as travel costs have proven more challenging in the current economic environment. Again, thanks to everyone for all their support!

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Teresa Heckel
Teresa Heckel
1 year ago

I am beyond bummed that I missed enrollment in your study! I used your updated Cholesterol code and meet all the criteria. Will post the results below. If you end up having an opening for anyone else, I would be SO interested. Also had a Coronary Artery Calcium Scan done a couple weeks ago – score was ZERO. Thanks in advance for any opportunity!
–===== CholesterolCode.com/Report v0.9.5.15 =====–
• Female • 60 • Coffee: 0-1 cups/day •
• <Unspecified time and/or diet> •
• 15h water fasted • Cholesterol Rx: false •

Total Cholesterol: 307 mg/dL 7.94 mmol/L
LDL Cholesterol: 215 mg/dL 5.56mmol/L
HDL Cholesterol: 88 mg/dL 2.28mmol/L
TG Cholesterol: 41 mg/dL 0.46mmol/L

Atherogenic Index of Plasma: -0.695 mg/dL >>> Lowest Risk Third 
—-> Go to https://tinyurl.com/ycccmmnx for more on AIP

 Framingham Offspring: 0.7 Odds Ratio >>> Low Risk
—-> Go to https://tinyurl.com/y5fc5adl for more on this Framingham study

 Jeppesen: >>> Lowest Risk Third 
—-> Go to https://tinyurl.com/y63xp7lj for more on the Jeppesen study

 Cholesterol Remnants: 4 mg/dL >>> 0.09 mmol/L >>> Low Risk
—-> Go to https://tinyurl.com/y84u92wm for more on Cholesterol Remnants

Friedewald LDL-C: 211 | Iranian LDL-C: 162
TC/HDL Ratio in mg/dL: 3.49
TG/HDL Ratio in mg/dL: 0.47 | TG/HDL Ratio in mmol/L: 0.2

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