Incredible! New Contributor Will Match CSF Funds When Reaching $100,000!

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I’m beyond ecstatic to announce a new anonymous donor has come forward and is offering to match our total donations once we reach $100,000!

As of this writing, we’re sitting at $66,150, which means we have just $33,850 to unlock the match.

In other words, every $1 you contribute now is worth $4!

The Dream Scenario of 100 LMHRs

It was barely two months ago on the stage of Low Carb Houston that I announced the start of this project and that my dream scenario would be getting 100 Lean Mass Hyper-responders to participate. At 100, we’d have a very powerful population given the effect size reflected in their LDL levels.

Our back-of-the-envelope math suggests all the testing we wish to do (CT Angiogram, CIMT, CAC, etc) will probably be around $2,000 each. Thus, $200,000 gets us there.

Please Contribute and Share

We’ve come so far, so fast — but we couldn’t pull this off without your help. Please continue to contribute and share to help us cross that $100,000 line!

Thanks again for your support.

Click Here to Contribute to the Project

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Cynthia G Taylor
Cynthia G Taylor
1 year ago

Hi Dave,
I have watched your videos with intense interest. Here’s a question that has come up. There is the observation that meat contstricts the flow of blood and therefore causes inflammation. What are your thoughts in regards to this?

Thank you and keep up the great work!!
Cynthia Taylor

Siobhan Huggins
1 year ago

Hi, that’s an interesting observation – I’m curious as to where you saw it and what exactly they were referencing (paper? some sort of study?), and what the proposed mechanism is. Just anecdotally much of the bloodwork I’ve seen from people who eat meat heavy (in low carb context) or entirely meat diets (including my own) have very very low inflammation markers and I’ve not really heard of people commenting on having poor circulation or anything else indicative of poor blood flow (unless they’re undereating, and thus have a slowed metabolism due to that, or some other issue going on).
So, without anything I can look at as far as a reference it doesn’t really fit with what we’ve seen within the community. That doesn’t discount it entirely, of course, I’d just need to see the study etc that’s being referenced to really comment further.

Cynthia G Taylor
Cynthia G Taylor
1 year ago

You will probably get a kick out of this. It was in the movie “The Game changer”.
I will have to find a study. My cardiologist believes the same thing that meat causes inflammation.

Siobhan Huggins
1 year ago

Ah okay, if you do find it I would like to see what it says. Happy to give it a read. 🙂
As I said I’ve seen plenty to contradict this, so I’m curious to see how they formulated their study.

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