How to Lower Your LDL Cholesterol when Low Carb (if that’s your thing)

Note from Dave – this post is actually a complete “unroll” of my Nov 2019 twitter thread. We’ve linked it many, many times and thus Siobhan rightfully pointed out I should just place it in CC as its own post. As always — and with emphasis — this is not medical advice.

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2 years ago

Yeah, my LDL skyrocketed after starting keto in 2019. I lost 30 lbs but my LDL went up to 270 then came down to (currently) ~240. My doctor & cardiologist are furious that I refuse to take a statin. But… my HDL reached 50… the highest it’s ever been. Also, my kidneys are apparently failing. My latest eGFR is 35. I’m wondering if that could be some kind of a false positive due to my protein and fat-rich diet… although the eGFR was already in the mid-50s ten years ago before I ever heard of keto. Not sure what to do. Thanks for your work, Dave.

2 years ago

I moved to a low saturated fat/ slightly higher carb regime.
My ApoB/Apo1 ratio is abysmal – even with rosuvastatin on board.

Siobhan Huggins
Siobhan Huggins(@siobhanh)
2 years ago
Reply to  Maärten

Hi, would you mind posting the actual apoB/ApoA-I numbers? I see you posted your lipid profile, but I’d like to see what you mean and compare it to the lipid profile. From Dave’s NHANES data, apoB tends to follow LDL, so I’d be curious to see what you’re seeing.

2 years ago

I think your number 10 is correct. I also think the same thing occurs with Lp(a), although the opposite way (lower Lp(a) with saturated fat).


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