Happy Holidays, Happy New Year

Just a heads up to everyone that both Siobhan and I will be much less active on the site between December 24th and January 1st. Please be patient as it may be a while until we can get to your comments. Thanks!

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Mike Guinness Bracciodieta
Mike Guinness Bracciodieta
5 years ago

Dave I saw your video interview on Dr Ken Berry’s Facebook page dec 30
I was just wondering when we will get to see your continuous blood glucose readings…I’d like to try and guess when you ate your carnivorous meals…lol

Happy New Year… thanks for all your experiments in the Keto and Carnivore community!

5 years ago

Hi Dave, I hope you had a happy holidays with your family and I wish you the best for this 2019. We met in San Diego last year… any chance I can contact you by e-mail. I have a n=1 (me) experiment proposal. Thank you

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