Good News and Bad News: I’m Sick

[UPDATE: Alas — I was not sick. Long story short, I was severely dehydrated. (sigh). Maybe next time…]

You might have noticed I’ve been a bit quieter in the last couple days. Alas, I’ve been in bed. Symptoms include a sore throat, cough, mild headache, and general lack of energy. Not a showstopper, but not exactly at the level of ignorable.

The Bad News?

Hello! I was planning to start the Resistance Training Experiment this week! I’ve been looking forward to this thing for at least two years. I’ll expand more on that when I can actually start it. Or you can hear me discuss it in the second half of this impromptu video with Amber O’Hearn from last weekend.

The Good News?

I’m sick! Yaaaaaay!

Okay, maybe you’ll want some context for that. You see, for the past three years, I’ve been mostly on a keto diet. I say “mostly” because, of course, I have a number of experiments like this, this, and that which take me out of it. But with that said, I’ve only gotten sick once in all this time and it was extremely mild. This suited me fine as I had a lot of experiments to do in succession and I’d prefer not to have the confounder.

However, I was getting more and more conscious of grabbing “sick data” whenever it might occur, so I was on the lookout. As it happens, since Siobhan came aboard, we’ve had her covering the immune side of the fence and overachiever that she is — she managed to get sick several times in the last year and recorded it. But you’ll have to hang on until her #Ketofest presentation hits the YouTubes before you can get the full skinny, which is well worth the wait.

So voila! Now it appears as though I can cash my sickness in for some wide spectrum data. It better be worth it.

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Frank Daniels
Frank Daniels
5 years ago

Really, you should eat some Carbs, they are soooooooo healthy…. at least thats what’s told 😉

Get well soon!

5 years ago

Hope you feel better soon Dave. Quick question. Did you find a dexcom G6? I would love to hear you go into glucose and that metabolic system as well as lipids. Your engineering take on glucose management would be great! Thanks!

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