First Published Data for LMHR Study Now Available

The KETO-CTA (#LMHRstudy) vs Matched Control (#MiHeart) analysis is now published in Metabolism.



80 Participants of #LMHRstudy fell within #MiHeart age range and were then matched 1:1 for age, gender, race, diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and past smoking to asymptomatic subjects from the #MiHeart cohort.


High resolution heart scans (#CCTA) allowing for primary analysis of Total Plaque Score (TPS), Total Stenosis Score (TSS) and Segment Involvement Score (SIS)


The matched mean age was 55.5 years, with mean #LDL cholesterol of 272 mg/dL (max LDL-C 591) mg/dl and mean 4.7 years duration on a ketogenic diet.

  • There was no significant difference in coronary plaque burden of #LMHRstudy (mean LDL-C 272) cohort as compared to #MiHeart controls (mean LDL 123 mg/dl); nb: pre-KETO LDL-C in KETO group was 122 mg/dl
  • There was no significant difference in CAC (median and IQR) [0 (0,56)] versus [1 (0, 49)], p = 0.520
  • No relationship of LDL-C elevations and plaque

Note 1 – This analysis is on baseline scans, we will have further data on the Keto-CTA longitudinal analysis in the coming months. And — as always — please continue to work with your doctor.

Note 2 – this is a published abstract, but is not open access. A full paper for this match analysis will be published soon in a different journal and will be completely open access.

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Hilda Thielen
Hilda Thielen
11 days ago

Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

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