#EVOOvsButter Pause, LMHR Study Update, Energy Model Paper

EVOOvsButter Experiment Paused

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil vs Butter Experiment had to be aborted. I was feeling a number of symptoms I assume to be related to electrolyte issues on Day 2 and some further issues on Day 4 and 5 that may or may not be electrolyte related. I may detail the symptoms more in a later write up (members can hear me discuss it on the MMM from this last Monday).

Regardless, I’ll still be doing the experiment, but likely with a new design. I haven’t fully decided on what that will be, but should have that determined soon.

LMHR Study Update

I’m happy to announce Tommy Wood, Spencer Nadolsky, and myself are ramping up work for the IRB submission that we hope to have ready soon. While the pandemic has certainly impacted all our lives substantially, we’re very much dedicated to getting this study underway as soon as we can.

Energy Model Paper Update

Like many a “labor of love”, the energy model paper is probably getting a bit more time applied to it than it should for a first draft. I’ll admit to occasionally falling victim to “perfectionism paralysis” — this is probably one of those times. That said, I’ve gotten some excellent guidance lately on techniques to move this endeavor further along and get it out the door. As the saying goes, “A work is never completed, but merely abandoned.”

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