Dr Budoff to Present Matched Cohort Analysis at WCIRDCD Conference

Original article via CitizenScienceFoundation.org

We’re excited to announce our Principal Investigator, Dr. Matthew Budoff, will be presenting preliminary data of our Lean Mass Hyper-Responder study (Keto-CTA) on the weekend of December 7-9th at the World Congress on Insulin Resistance, Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease conference in Los Angeles, California.

This is the first prospective study of CT Angiography on a keto diet population with extremely high LDL cholesterol levels, yet low cardiovascular risk factors and confirmed absence of monogenetic FH.

Dr. Budoff will be presenting a new CTA comparison analysis on this cohort against a matched control from the Miami Heart Study (MiHeart). The MiHeart cohort has been closely matched for demographics and risk factors, save LDL cholesterol levels, which average less than half of the Keto-CTA cohort.

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