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Travel Schedule and Signup for Documentary Filming

From January 7th to February 29th my wife and I will be traveling around the world (literally) and filming a series of interviews on the science of lipids and cholesterol along with the emerging research on its relation to low carb diets and metabolism (which is my central focus here at CC).

We actually have a sophisticated setup with several cameras, lights, mics, and tripods. We hope to gather quite a lot of footage over these eight weeks.

Who We’re Interviewing and How to Join

First and foremost, please check the schedule below to confirm we’re coming to your city and country when you would be available to be interviewed (details below). Please also be aware that we expect a lot of inquiries and will likely be unable to interview the majority of those applying. With that said, we hope to capture many interesting stories and opinions from medical and non-medical professionals alike.

We’re looking to interview three main groups of people.

  1. Lipidologists, Cardiologists, and researchers in the field of lipids and/or cardiovascular disease. It’s important to get perspectives from every side represented in the documentary. So whether you are pro-lipid hypothesis, a skeptic, or somewhere in between, we’d love to have you on.
    • If this category describes you and you’re interested in being interviewing for this documentary — please sign up here.
  2. Low carb “Hyper-responders” and “Lean Mass Hyper-responders” – those who have had a pronounced increase in their total and LDL cholesterol since adopting the diet. We’re interested in a variety of stories and opinions on what these means to the individual.
    • If this category describes you and you’re interested in being interviewing for this documentary — please sign up here.
  3. Doctors who have low carb patients and how they are treating the rising number of cases for hyper-responders.
    • If this category describes you and you’re interested in being interviewing for this documentary — please sign up here.

China and Japan

DateDayCityInterview Times
7-JanTuesShanghai, China5pm-onward
8-JanWedShanghai, Chinauntil 6pm
9-JanThursShanghai, Chinaall day
11-JanSatMacau, Chinaall day
12-JanSunMacau, Chinaall day
13-JanMonMacau, Chinaall day
14-JanTuesHong Kong, Chinauntil noon
16-JanThursOkinawa, Japan1pm-9pm
18-JanSatShanghai, China2pm-onward

Malasia, Tailand, and Singapore

DateDayCityInterview Times
21-JanTuesKuala Lumpur, Malasia7am-3pm
22-JanWedPhuket, Tailand10am-10pm
25-JanSatSingaporeall day
26-JanSunSingaporeall day

Australia and New Zealand

DateDayCityInterview Times
28-JanTuesMelbourne, Australiaall day
29-JanWedMelbourne, Australiaall day
30-JanThursSydney, AustraliaTBD
31-JanFriSydney, Australiaall day
1-FebSatSydney, Australiaall day
2-FebSunSydney, Australiauntil noon
5-FebWedBay of Islands, New Zeland8am-6:30pm
6-FebThursTauranga, New Zeland7:45am-5pm
7-FebFriNapier, New Zeland10am-5pm
8-FebSatWellington, New Zeland7am-3pm
9-FebSunDunedin, New Zeland9am-5pm
13-FebThursPerth, AustraliaTBD

United Arab Emirates

DateDayCityInterview Times
15-FebSatDubai, UAEall day
16-FebSunDubai, UAEall day

Northern Europe

This visit will be a bit more variable. We may be visiting a number of northern European cities depending on the availability of certain key interviews. This may include Paris, Barcelona, Stockholm, and or Amsterdam to name a few.

DateDayCityInterview Times
17-FebMonLondon, United Kingdom2pm-onward
18-FebTuesLondon and Northern Europeall day / TBD
19-FebWedLondon and Northern Europeall day / TBD
20-FebThursLondon and Northern Europeall day / TBD
21-FebFriLondon and Northern Europeall day / TBD
22-FebSatLondon and Northern Europeall day / TBD
23-FebSunLondon and Northern Europeall day / TBD
24-FebMonLondon and Northern Europeall day / TBD
25-FebTuesLondon and Northern Europeall day / TBD
26-FebWedLondon and Northern Europeall day / TBD
27-FebThursLondon and Northern Europeall day / TBD
28-FebFriLondon and Northern Europeall day / TBD
29-FebSatLondon and Northern Europeall day / TBD

What the Documentary is and When it Will Be Released

While we know the subject matter of what we’re filming, the exact nature of its final format when it will be released is yet to be determined. We’re seeking to capture many, many hours of interviews that help tell the story of how we got this this point of understanding with cholesterol and risk, how hyper-responders from the low carb movement have opened new questions, and what the next steps are for the science in this field.

This may be a feature length documentary, or it may be a series of shorter segments tackling each topic in succession. Regardless, it won’t change our efforts to capture as much footage as we can for experts, doctors of low carb patients, and hyper-responders from around the world. This is a story that certainly needs to be explored.

Extraordinary Thanks to the Mrs

I have to take a moment to thank the Mrs for her tireless efforts in researching and capturing a huge cache of points and miles that are covering the vast majority of this trip. It was a year-long project and required a lot of sophisticated credit card swapping, targeted timing for purchases, and lots and lots of reward programs. That… plus we’re cashing in prior points and miles from before this year.

Update to the Film Project will be Posted Here

Lastly, be aware that this blog post will be where updates are posted — so bookmark it now. These updates will likely be added at the top of this page in reverse order of the timing so you only have to scan the top to know if there is something new to report.

And as always, I’ll be actively posting updates on Twitter as well @DaveKeto

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Tim H
Tim H

What happened to 1/6 of mankind, India? Dr Nadir Ali’s and Priyanka Wali’s native land? We’ve had a strong LCHF movement here since June, 2016, especially in the Southern state of Tamil Nadu.

Craig Wise
Craig Wise

Awesoem idea and balanced and thorough investigation. So refreshing and important.