Documentary Update – Nine Weeks Around the World

Peter Lansberg
Ivor Cummins

We’re now wrapping up our international trip and will be heading back to “the states” this week. We’ve traveled 17 countries and 28 cities for the duration via plane, train, automobile, ship, and just about every public transit you can imagine.

Over Fifty Hours of Interviews… So Far

In all, we gathered 36 interviews with well over 50 hours of footage! But more than that, we met people face-to-face where they live. Let me tell you, it really makes a difference.

Special thanks to the 36 we’ve interviewed so far, including doctors Aseem Malhotra, Bret Scher, Caron Sak, Ken Sikaris, Nadir Ali, Oliver Smith, Paul Mason, Richard Cheng, Victoria Buntine, Zoe Harcombe. (And of course, a special thanks to my fellow engineer, Ivor Cummins for some additional flavor in his interview!). In all, we traveled to 17 countries and 28 cities over two months.

Aseem Malhotra

If you ever want people to feel right at home when you interview them, meet them there. If you want to know a doctor’s bedside manner, set up your chat in their office. No amount of broadband internet webcam conferencing can replace that level of connection you get in person at the one place they feel most like themselves, and it really comes through in the footage.

Between the outline work and existing content we were picking up, it became clear this was getting much too big to be a single feature length documentary, so we really opened up to the possibility of making it a series.

Zoe Harcombe

Shifting Focus to Low Carb Denver

This week we return to “the states” and will soon after be coming to Low Carb Denver where we will be gathering additional interviews with many at the conference. For details and signup, please see our updated Documentary page.

As with the international trip, we hope to gather many medical experts with opinions or research on the topic of cholesterol, heart disease, and/or the phenomenon of high LDL for some who go on a low carb diet.

Signup Page

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