Contribute to Help Support our Research


Our primary support comes from direct membership.

Consider signing up to be a member or patron. It’s just one registration for access to everything – whichever of the three you sign up to, you will have access to all the content we host for members only area here at Cholesterol Code.

As a member you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Weekly livestream and Q & A
  • Discounts for bloodwork at Own Your Labs, with higher contributors getting greater discounts
  • Credit (first name, last initial) and thanks in many of our upcoming videos
  • We have other benefits coming with merch in the coming months…

One Time Contributions

You can also make a single contribution to us through PayPal

If looking to support our charity, the Citizen Science Foundation, you can click here. And yes, it is a fully qualified 501(c)(3) Public Charity (talk to your tax preparer for more details)

Proceeds for Bloodwork

Lastly, if you get any private bloodwork taken through our service, Own Your Labs, be aware all proceeds go to the Citizen Science Foundation as well.

Why Your Help Matters

Our research at Cholesterol Code is truly made possible by membership and direct contributions, full stop. It accomplishes two very important goals. The first one is obvious — it helps us keep the lights on.

The second one is less obvious, but arguably much more important. You’re helping us protect the integrity of our research.

  • We have no advertisers or affiliates for Cholesterol Code.
  • We take no administration overhead of any kind for our charity, the Citizen Science Foundation.
  • And all proceeds for Own Your Labs go to studies funded by the charity.

In short, we can confidently say we ONLY fund our research through individual contributions. It not only allows us make these efforts free to the community, it helps ensure there are no distractions from possible conflicts of interest.

We do have special benefits for members:

  • We host a weekly livestream that’s conversational, and we post the recording in our member area for a few weeks to follow.
  • We offer discounts for bloodwork at Own Your Labs, with higher contributors getting greater discounts
  • And we are now adding credits to the end of many videos with special titles based on contribution level

But here’s the thing. We will always put out the important information we have — for free — to everyone. Our presentations, our guides, our software — always easily accessible to help anyone on their personal journey, because… well… we’re on that journey ourselves. And we certainly don’t want anyone to feel we are holding back anything of key relevance behind a paywall. For us, citizen science is about sharing and transparency.

So if you feel our research and resources has been valuable to you, your family, or our community, and if you’re able to in these difficult times — please consider supporting our work. Again, it has only been possible through incredible contributions like yours.

Thanks again for your consideration,