Conferences, Blood Test Drive, and the Coming Book

UPDATE: I just found out Fat, a Documentary dropped today. I’ll have a separate post on it shortly after I return home from shooting in LA.


The last two weekends Siobhan and I were at Ketofest and Low Carb USA San Diego respectively.

We both gave presentations at Ketofest and as usual, enjoyed the unique, laid back style of the conference. It truly is a very unique event they put on and we look forward to it every year.

Low Carb San Diego

In San Diego we organized and executed a “blood testing drive”. To the best of my knowledge, it is the first of its kind. In effect, people could sign up for $249 and get a list of tests, many of which we are interested in and not commonly offered by conventional doctors. The complete list: C-Peptide, CBC, Comp. Metabolic Panel (14), C-Reactive Protein, Free Fatty Acids (NEFA), Ferritin, GGT, Glucagon, Hemoglobin A1c, Insulin, Lipid Panel, Lipoprotein (a).

The process of setting it up properly and being legally compliant was a lot of work, not just with the myriad of medical supplies, but having bonded/insured phlebotomists, etc. Scheduling and turnaround also required some juggling given we also wanted to gather glucose and ketones from the folks at Keto Mojo, along with acetone readings from our friends at KETOSCAN.

(Full disclosure, both Keto Mojo and KETOSCAN have provided product/service support, but we are neither compensated nor have any agreements with these or any company of any kind)

The Book

Some of you may know, some of you may not – I’m writing a book and (knock on wood) am most of the way done. It tells the behind-the-scenes story from my initial shock in 2015 from elevated cholesterol up to the incredible revelations this year (such as with NHANES and many recent experiments). It’s meant for the lay person and introduces the lipid energy model in a slower, easier read.

Thus, I’ll be drawing down activity a bit more here and on social media as I put a bit more focus on completing this book – hopefully locking the manuscript this fall. Needless to say, I’m extremely excited to finally have this done and I hope you’ll all enjoy it.

Regardless, let’s hope my process doesn’t go like this

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Shannon Burgio
4 years ago

Hi Dave, I wanted to speak with you about the possibility of partnering with you on a project that could benefit your readers and our clients. We offer discounted lab tests and wanted to see if you were interested in potentially doing the NMR and Cardio IQ test through us and then post about the differences between the tests. I appreciate your time and hope to hear from you.

Tim H
Tim H
4 years ago

I believe the idea of blood testing has been done best by the low carb group Arokkiam & Nallvalvu (translation: Health & Good life) – The group has been promoting low carb amongst speakers of the Tamil language of South India since 2013.. It has 600,000+ members. Members are provided personalized diet suggestions on condition that they provide a recent comprehensive blood test report. It does not provide medical advice but does refer members to HCPs when appropriate. Reports from any lab are accepted if specified parameters are tested. Orbito Asia Lab is preferred because Orbito has developed test panels according to the recommendations of medical and senior members of the group. Orbito’s “Keto Essentials” group of tests currently tests for 124 parameters including 18 from urine.The FB group is entirely free including its individualized diet recommendations. Orbito is an independent lab that charges for its services.

Disclosure: I have no financial or institutional connection with Orbito. I am a member of Arokkiam & Nalvalvu.

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