Nov 23

#CholesterolScience with Kevin Bass

Many of you who follow my work know I actively pursue challenge. Part of that process of engagement is in initiating contact with people who may not only disagree with me — but might be very polarizing for many in the low carb community. Certainly Kevin Bass fits this description.

I had booked Kevin for an appearance with #CholesterolScience a few months ago, but between then and the show we recorded yesterday, a controversy arose that involved Dr. Ken Berry. We address this briefly at the beginning of the interview.

All in all, there were many things I liked about this interview. It was a Friday night and we were both a bit loose and not always as articulate as our A Game might allow, but that also created a much more stream-of-consciousness kind of honesty that came through at multiple times.

Reference Links

We mentioned several things throughout the broadcast that I’ll link below.

Names mentioned:

NHANES Material

LDL Level Changes during Inflammation

Kevin provided this study — The Effect of Inflammation and Infection on Lipids and Lipoproteins

While I haven’t had a chance to read the study in full, I can say that it appears this had more to do with the serum levels of lipoproteins, not specifically the production. The blood levels don’t tell us much regarding production without knowing the other side of the ledger regarding how much is subtracted via endocytosis, scavenger receptor removal, etc.

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