#CholesterolScience Show – With Nathan Owens and Nick Andre

0:00 Introductions

1:30 The Innate immune system and the adaptive immune system – what’s the difference?

3:25 The innate immune system and bacteria

8:00 How does immunity relate to atherosclerosis?

13:34 A link between atherosclerosis and diabetes/autoimmune diseases?

16:35 Absorption in the gut, and intestinal permeability

22:10 Nick and Nathan’s hypothesis

24:30 Dave’s thoughts on the hypothesis – is there anything to support or contradict the hypothesis?

28:24 The nuance of atherosclerotic plaque progression

Book mentioned: Natural History of Coronary Atherosclerosis by Constantin Velican

31:16 Multiple initiators of atherosclerosis – do they all have the same root cause?

33:00 Does atherosclerosis progression and regression come down to gateway keeping?

35:00 High frequency testing to challenge the hypothesis – Dave’s proposal

36:45 Atherosclerosis as a post-prandial phenomenon and ‘binge-ury’

40:00 Proposed testing of the hypothesis and follow-up questions regarding intestinal permeability

43:20 Learning from high carb experiments and aftereffects

49:10 The impact of the microbiome, and issues with testing in humans

51:00 Devil’s advocate – what about LDL?

1:00:00 Drugs used to prevent heart disease, lipoproteins, and how they relate to the endotoxin hypothesis

1:03:39 The disconnect in research on lipoproteins and immunity

1:08:34 How drugs relate to the endotoxin theory (cont)

1:10:04 If the drugs impact disease progression and all-cause mortality – why not take them?

1:11:32 Lean Mass Hyper-responders – do Nick and Nathan feel caution is needed to lower their LDL?

Term used: For more information on Lean Mass Hyper-responders see the page on CholesterolCode.

1:13:53 The importance of a long-term follow-up study on Lean Mass Hyper-responders

1:19:05 Outro0

Nick/Nathan’s Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/rootcausinghealth 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/rootcausing

Website: https://rootcausinghealth.com/ 

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR5qmqb8ydX8rmBRwEUXJHg

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Bill Hare
Bill Hare(@harefam)
4 years ago

PURE GOLD !! What a great interview and Very insightful. Intestinal permeability is turning out to be such a major player with a multitude of disease processes. I remember a time, not that long ago, when it was not even considered an entity.
Thanks much !!
p.s. love the term “bingery”. Exactly how it affects me.

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