#CholesterolScience Show – with Dr. Tro Kalayjian

0:05 Intro

0:38 Tro’s backstory – 150 lb weight loss, and changes in views on cholesterol and heart disease

3:23 The impact of context on cholesterol and LDL lowering

6:06 Why there may not be a large motivation for finding who doesn’t benefit from medication

9:25 The CTT (Cholesterol Treatment Trialists’) Collaboration and discussion on data collection

14:08 Discussion on Dr. Tro’s bloodwork history and newest results

Tro’s labwork

18:15 Dave’s thoughts on the results based on the research

NOTE: Dave and Tro both say “CIMT of 0”, they meant “CAC of 0”.

19:52 Butterfly IQ discussion – portable ultrasound (Can be used for CIMT measurements)

22:28 Devil’s Advocate intro

22:55 Is there any value in having high cholesterol/LDL and do current studies account for this?

25:00 Many who go on a low carb diet will see their LDL go up, but will likewise see HDL go up and triglycerides drop. Is it possible this could result in a lower Cardiovascular Disease risk?

27:45 If you’re concerned about high LDL on low carb, are there lifestyle changes you can make to lower it without worsening other markers?

33:15 Questions from the audience intro

34:13 How do we prevent becoming glucose/insulin resistant on long term keto/IF?

36:35 What are your thoughts on the Insulin:Glucagon ratio, and do you track them?

38:18 What is the cause of heart disease?

39:23 Does Dr. Tro see higher triglycerides in people who are actively losing weight in his practice?

40:29 Discussion on “doctor burnout”

50:44 How you can reach Dr. Tro and outro

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DoctorTro

Instagram: https://instagram.com/doctortro

Website: https://www.doctortro.com/

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Sandra Carusetta
Sandra Carusetta
5 years ago

Thanks for the show! You helped me appreciate my 80-year-old, independently practicing doc who has cared for our family for 35 years – we love him dearly. His accumulated bounty of experience and reasonable, pragmatic approach has medically both saved and salved us over the years. I have hope that this close-to-extinct species of family physician may find renewed proliferation as individuals flee the pressures of the current medical climate; as those such as Dr. Tro seek greater autonomy and fulfillment in their calling to heal and cure. I wish Dr. Tro success in his venture.

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