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Dec 05

Guest Appearance on the Diet Doctor Podcast

This may be one of my favorite guest appearances to date. Below are the general times and subjects discussed. One errata: I mentioned a-tocopherol and shortly after “binding to pathogens” where I was meaning lipoproteins in the same context, not the a-tocopherol itself (it primarily converts ROS to non radical products). The below outline is …

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Nov 21

#CholesterolScience Doubleheader Next Week – Ivor Cummins Wednesday – Joel Kahn Friday

This coming week I’ll have two interviews, Ivor Cummins on Wednesday and Joel Kahn on Friday. (Bios below) How to Ask Your Question You can ask questions of either Ivor Cummins or Joel Kahn in advance of the broadcast one of two ways: Comment to this blog post down below — but keep it short! (Don’t …

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Nov 21

#CholesterolScience Show – with Dr. Spencer Nadolsky

Show Notes: 0:25 Greetings 1:36 Spencer’s background 3:35 The big seven questions intro and context into Spencer and Dave’s background together 4:52 Question Number One: What is your current opinion on the optimal range of Total Cholesterol? 5:24 Question Number Two: What is your current opinion on the optimal range of LDL Cholesterol? 5:55 Question …

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Oct 15

Dave and Ivor Cummins Discuss The Recent Attia Podcast

  If you haven’t already tuned in to the recent sit down between Dave and Ivor Cummins, here’s your reminder to do so! They share their thoughts during the aftermath of Dave’s recent appearance on Peter Attia’s podcast, including their thoughts on mass balance, root causes, and more. Enjoy!

Jul 23

Ketofest Cholesterol Presentation Blowout

Yesterday was an amazing experience! It was the second Ketofest held by the 2 Ketodudes in New London, CT. And as with the first year, the last day was reserved for “Science Sunday”. On deck were many speakers including yours truly. But never mind my presentation, I want to tell you about three others that …

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