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Cholesterol Endgame?

There’s a special group of people that may be answering one of the most powerful medical questions of our time. The Hypothesis The “Lipid Hypothesis” suggested cholesterol in the blood independently caused heart disease. From Wikipedia: The lipid hypothesis is a medical theory postulating a link between blood cholesterol levels and occurrence of heart disease. …

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Top Ten Lipid Related Studies

Note from Dave– For the record, Siobhan reads many more studies than I do — and probably you too. This is why I call her our Senior ResearcherĀ here at CC. So I asked if she had to narrow down a “Top 10” list for our readers, and as always, she did not disappoint. Enjoy!   …

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My First Study

While I’m in the process of refilling the coffers and am pretty limited on time, IĀ am starting to lay some groundwork for my first study. It is my hope I can conduct it in the fall of this year, but that’s still to be determined. The study will need 12-20 volunteers who will be eating …

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