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Submit your questions for Dr. Spencer Nadolsky on our first #CholesterolScience Show

New Series Next week Tuesday (November 20th), I’ll be interviewing Dr. Spencer Nadolsky on the first #CholesterolScience series. This show is meant to incorporate many different viewpoints on cholesterol and lipids. (See his page here: As many of you know, I’m a bit more cautiously optimistic with regard to higher LDL cholesterol and particle …

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News, Comments, Asides — October 2018 Edition

Siobhan Launches Her Patreon Yes, our own Siobhan has finally launched a Patreon after months and months of our prodding her to do so. This is super important as she (like me) puts out a lot of cheddar for lab tests. If you appreciate the excellent data she’s brought us (particularly lately), please note it …

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Dave and Ivor Cummins Discuss The Recent Attia Podcast

  If you haven’t already tuned in to the recent sit down between Dave and Ivor Cummins, here’s your reminder to do so! They share their thoughts during the aftermath of Dave’s recent appearance on Peter Attia’s podcast, including their thoughts on mass balance, root causes, and more. Enjoy!

Guesting on the Peter Attia Drive – Response to Peter’s Prebuttal

Peter included a prebuttal at the beginning of his podcast with me that included three central points. I’ll take them one by one. The first: Dave was unable to explain the mass balance, meaning how does one account for the greater amount of cholesterol in, and the greater number of, LDL particles. No one, including …

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Guesting on the Peter Attia Drive (5 of 5) – Comments and Featured Thoughts

This final posting in the series is devoted entirely to discussion in the comments on the podcast. Share your opinions in the comments down below on anything and everything about this podcast from your perspective. I’ll be featuring a number of these comments in this space as well. The likelihood of your comment being featured  …

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