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Dec 20

#CholesterolScience Show – with Dr. Tro Kalayjian

0:05 Intro 0:38 Tro’s backstory – 150 lb weight loss, and changes in views on cholesterol and heart disease 3:23 The impact of context on cholesterol and LDL lowering 6:06 Why there may not be a large motivation for finding who doesn’t benefit from medication 9:25 The CTT (Cholesterol Treatment Trialists’) Collaboration and discussion on …

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Dec 17

#CholesterolScience Show – With Joel Kahn

Show Notes 0:19 Intro 1:32 Dr. Joel Kahn’s backstory – past career, health, and how he came to understand cholesterol and heart disease. 5:56 How and why Joel started a plant-based diet 7:44 Joel’s thoughts on experimentation and guidelines from a clinician’s perspective 10:25 Health from a nutrition-based perspective, and Joel’s observations on the history …

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Dec 13

#CholesterolScience Show – with Ivor Cummins

Audio Only Version Available Click here to download the audio only version of the show (thanks, Ivor, for supplying this for our readers!) Show Notes 0:00 Intro and Greetings 0:35 Ivor’s backstory 2:40 Cholesterol Conundrum – What’s changed since Ivor gave the presentation in 2014? Video mentioned: Cholesterol Conundrum 3:55 Dave’s thoughts on Ivor’s Cholesterol …

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Dec 09

#CholesterolScience with Ivor Cummins and Joel Kahn (Rescheduled)

Alas, due to a recent unfortunate event, I had to delay these two great interviews. But both guests were gracious enough to reschedule to this week. How to Ask Your Question You can ask questions of either Ivor Cummins or Joel Kahn in advance of the broadcast one of two ways: Comment to this blog post …

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Dec 05

Guest Appearance on the Diet Doctor Podcast

This may be one of my favorite guest appearances to date. Below are the general times and subjects discussed. One errata: I mentioned a-tocopherol and shortly after “binding to pathogens” where I was meaning lipoproteins in the same context, not the a-tocopherol itself (it primarily converts ROS to non radical products). The below outline is …

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