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Sep 14

Resistance Training Experiment – Progress and Extension

[UPDATE: I incorrectly identified the 18th as the new end date, it will actually be the 17th — corrected below] My Resistance Training Experiment has been quite interesting. But before dishing on the details, I’ll just say that I’ve decided to extend it another week. I’ll now be taking it to the morning of the …

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Sep 04

Resistance Training Experiment

  I’ve been waiting a long time for this one. For almost three years I’ve gotten nearly no resistance training. Why? Because I’ve long suspected it will impact my lipid numbers. And sure enough, during my endurance running phases, I observed data that appeared to confirm this. So all this time, through all these experiments, …

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Aug 29

Good News and Bad News: I’m Sick

  You might have noticed I’ve been a bit quieter in the last couple days. Alas, I’ve been in bed. Symptoms include a sore throat, cough, mild headache, and general lack of energy. Not a showstopper, but not exactly at the level of ignorable. The Bad News? Hello! I was planning to start the Resistance …

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Jun 13

Carotid Artery Update, SAD Diet Edition

[UPDATE — 6/14/18 — I’ve added further data and some study comparisons below!] Of all the metrics I’ve been wondering about following my Weight Gain Experiment, CIMT certainly ranks in the Top Three. I speculated several times that I wouldn’t be surprised if it had an impact. But how much? The Jury is in: Lots …

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Jun 01

The #WaterOnlyChallenge is On

  For the last month, I’ve managed to drink only water. Now I’m going to take that challenge to the next level and commit to the entire summer. No sweetened drinks. No tea. No alcohol. No coffee (okay, I didn’t drink coffee anyway). Not even club soda orĀ Perrier. Just still water only. I’m doing this …

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