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Dec 23

Happy Holidays, Happy New Year

Just a heads up to everyone that both Siobhan and I will be much less active on the site between December 24th and January 1st. Please be patient as it may be a while until we can get to your comments. Thanks!

Nov 28

A Tragic Event

My apologies, but I’ll need to step away. I’ve gotten some terrible news regarding a very close friend that requires my attention. I’ll expand more once everyone in their life is informed. I need to cancel the shows with Ivor Cummins and Dr. Joel Kahn for now (hopefully we can reschedule soon). And I probably …

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Oct 30

News, Comments, Asides — October 2018 Edition

Siobhan Launches Her Patreon Yes, our own Siobhan has finally launched a Patreon after months and months of our prodding her to do so. This is super important as she (like me) puts out a lot of cheddar for lab tests. If you appreciate the excellent data she’s brought us (particularly lately), please note it …

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Oct 05

Podcast Prediction Post – Peter Attia Drive Edition

Peter Attia’s The Drive podcast featuring yours truly is now officially slated to drop in three days (10/8/2018). On the same day, I’ll be releasing a five part series as a companion piece to the broadcast. On the Record As many have taken to social media with their predictions of this long-awaited¬†podcast, I thought we’d …

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Apr 06

A #LoveLetterAroundTheWorld to my Wife on our 10 Year Anniversary

[WARNING: This post and the grand romantic gesture described within has nothing to do with cholesterol or my research, so feel free to skip in its entirety if you have any allergies to shmaltz] Exactly 10 years ago this day, April 6th, 2008, I met my amazing partner, Sharon. We fell in love and married …

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