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Jun 16

A Provocative Question About Cholesterol and Mortality

I felt the urge to riff for 4.5 minutes on this topic and made it a video. And for a few examples, see also my NHANES tweets here (taken from my risk presentation)… A preview of my new slide for the upcoming talk this weekend #LowCarbSeattle. This is the lipid profile of the five living …

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Dec 23

Happy Holidays, Happy New Year

Just a heads up to everyone that both Siobhan and I will be much less active on the site between December 24th and January 1st. Please be patient as it may be a while until we can get to your comments. Thanks!

Nov 28

A Tragic Event

My apologies, but I’ll need to step away. I’ve gotten some terrible news regarding a very close friend that requires my attention. I’ll expand more once everyone in their life is informed. I need to cancel the shows with Ivor Cummins and Dr. Joel Kahn for now (hopefully we can reschedule soon). And I probably …

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Oct 30

News, Comments, Asides — October 2018 Edition

Siobhan Launches Her Patreon Yes, our own Siobhan has finally launched a Patreon after months and months of our prodding her to do so. This is super important as she (like me) puts out a lot of cheddar for lab tests. If you appreciate the excellent data she’s brought us (particularly lately), please note it …

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Oct 05

Podcast Prediction Post – Peter Attia Drive Edition

Peter Attia’s The Drive podcast featuring yours truly is now officially slated to drop in three days (10/8/2018). On the same day, I’ll be releasing a five part series as a companion piece to the broadcast. On the Record As many have taken to social media with their predictions of this long-awaited¬†podcast, I thought we’d …

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