New LMHR Case Study Published

We’re happy to announce the release of our new LMHR Case Study this week in Frontiers in Endocrinology. Feel free to download the PDF and share the page link if you find the paper compelling. (The more our work is shared, the more it supports our efforts, of course.)

Highlights of the new paper:

  • LDL-C increased from 95 to 545 mg/dL at its peek
  • Keto diet is “Mediterranean” style with >4:1 unsaturated to saturated fat ratio
  • No genetic abnormalities found to explain phenotype
  • No detectable plaque in CT Angiogram after 2.5 years of followup

Our video abstract here (7 minutes):

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2 years ago

Fantastic overview….thank you!
As a LMHR myself, I eagerly await the initial results of the expanded study using 100 subjects.

Geoffrey Levens
Geoffrey Levens
2 years ago

This was a great overview. Do you have any idea when the data from the 100 subject study might be available?

Kel H
Kel H
2 years ago

Interesting study. I wonder if the patient’s UC was exacerbated with the higher number of carbs because he started eating more foods with lectins (wheat/grains/certain veggies)? Maybe if he did a slightly higher carb diet that was lectin free, he wouldn’t have seen the UC exacerbation and maybe even less weight gain (from generalized inflammation from lectins)? In any case, it was very good to see that his CT calcium score was zero.

1 year ago

20 years ago I had epilepsy, long before the world thought or calculated the ketogenic diet. 20 years I was on a diet I felt wonderful but the cholesterol was not something. Turns out I have hyperlipidemia and underwent fly surgery with 3 clogged arteries. I also have high Lp (a). What do you think about it?

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