Busy Week

It’s been a pretty active seven days. Let’s recap:

I had intended on using Thursday for drafting my Part II, but had a few twists during this week that might really advance this data to a whole new level. I’m not at liberty to share this information just yet, but I will say that it may be a long term game-changer. So while this detour takes up some of my bandwidth, I may not get out Part II for another week. Stay tuned…

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6 years ago

I was wondering if you could tell me the best place to get the NMR blood test done in my area.

3 years ago

Love your info and knowledge.. it makes completes sense .. I will do the 3.5 day Feldman protocol In a couple days.. I need to lower cholesterol to pass my aviation medical.. I’m LCHF as it stands . Usually I have to swallow a bunch of statins for a month to lower cholesterol to make The aviation doctors happy. I will try Feldman Protocol . I live in China, pork belly is everywhere.. should be easy. Incidentally, 4 years ago before keto the doctors found 40% block my RCA. I did a recent CT Angio gram with CAC Score. It seems 3 years of keto cause my heart to be completely healed. 0 % block and a 0 CAC score. This works and I’m excited!

Siobhan Huggins
Siobhan Huggins(@siobhanh)
3 years ago
Reply to  Jim

That is interesting about the CT Scan, thanks for sharing. Were both done at the same facility, and the same machine? Or was it two different locations? We have heard from others about getting varying results if using two different machines, so we find it helpful to clarify this in any case where an unexpected change is seen (both increases and decreases).

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