Back to the Lipids

Four weeks ago I posted for the first time on Covid-19. On that date, it was relatively new and there was some debate as to how quickly it would or wouldn’t spread. I predicted it would likely spread pretty quickly given the existing rate of change and made several videos on it, even advocating at a personal level for “Flattening the Curve”.

At that time there were 35,070 cases in the US, now there are 792,938 as of the time of this writing. Needless to say, with the current tally at 2.5 million cases and 170k deaths worldwide this is indeed very serious.

While initially in the Raise Awareness phase, I switched over to more general commentary and guest analysis with a variety of opinions, including Tucker Goodrich, Avi Bitton, and Ivor Cummins.

New Developments on the Lipid Front

In the last week I’ve been shifting away from Covid-19 and back toward lipids for several reasons. I have a private presentation coming this Friday, a podcast this Saturday, and I plan to put together a video soon talking through the Triad, which I’ve been discussing in depth with Sigma Nutrition. I’ll share more on these details next week.

March and April were originally meant for the inside-the-US travel and final shooting on the CC documentary, but obviously this is delayed with no clear rescheduling in site. So in the mean time, I’m going to be shifting more toward the book and Lipid Energy Model paper, since each is much more suited to at-home work in the first place.

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Get A
4 years ago

The constant updates of relevant material will be welcomed, despite the difficult situation around the world. The subscribers need to be informed.

Clive Beaufoy
Clive Beaufoy
4 years ago

Good to have a distraction

Norman Rowe
Norman Rowe
4 years ago

DAVE on your FELDMAN PROTOCOL, can you add a section about what are the expected results of doing the protocol. What results should I expect to see from the blood test when I follow the protocol? What are the results if I don’t follow the protocol?

Siobhan Huggins
Siobhan Huggins(@siobhanh)
4 years ago
Reply to  Norman Rowe

Hi, interestingly it seems you’re correct that the hypothesis isn’t stated on the page itself. This is touched on a little bit in this presentation to Stanford University which outlines the lipid energy model, but I’ll ping Dave on the suggestion.

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