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Dec 13

#CholesterolScience Show – with Ivor Cummins

Audio Only Version Available Click here to download the audio only version of the show (thanks, Ivor, for supplying this for our readers!) Show Notes 0:00 Intro and Greetings 0:35 Ivor’s backstory 2:40 Cholesterol Conundrum – What’s changed since Ivor gave the presentation in 2014? Video mentioned: Cholesterol Conundrum 3:55 Dave’s thoughts on Ivor’s Cholesterol …

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Dec 07

Guest Post – Testing Twins, Keto vs Non-Keto

My name is Chris Bair, and I am the owner of the company Keto Chow, a ketogenic shake supplier. I also have two sets of twins, and when the Keto Chow team went to Low Carb USA (San Diego) earlier this summer, over a meal, I mentioned to Dave Feldman that one of our sets of …

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Nov 27

Lab Testing Guide 2.0

An Update A little over a year ago, Craig wrote a post on what lab tests to get to measure your metabolic health. Although the original post still has great information, including how to request tests from your doctor, we figured it was about time to make an update, in order to provide information on …

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Oct 18

The Tandem Drop Experiment – Part 1 – Fat

Two Experiments in One As soon as we started to discuss possibly attending #NLANashville Dave and I began to toy around with the idea of trying out a dual experiment, similar to the identical diet experiment, with a twist. Instead of doing the same experiment the two of us would be doing two different experiments – but both …

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Oct 15

Dave and Ivor Cummins Discuss The Recent Attia Podcast

  If you haven’t already tuned in to the recent sit down between Dave and Ivor Cummins, here’s your reminder to do so! They share their thoughts during the aftermath of Dave’s recent appearance on Peter Attia’s podcast, including their thoughts on mass balance, root causes, and more. Enjoy!

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