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Sep 17

Mega Monster #FeldmanProtocol Results

One Upmanship Ever since I saw Dave’s Fasting Disaster post I’ve wanted to add some fasting data to the Cholesterol Code reserves. Instead of fasting for two days as Dave had done, I wanted to fast for the three days he had originally planned for. In fact, why not do a full five days as outlined in …

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Sep 10

Women: Let’s Talk Cholesterol

Note from Dave: This long-awaited installment from Siobhan is a must-read for every female interested in cholesterol and risk. Enjoy! The First Hint As the #LDLBounty continues, and the question of whether high LDL in isolation raises the risk of cardiovascular mortality (or all-cause mortality) in and of itself remains unanswered, there may be a …

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Aug 10

Lipid Related Study Roundup – Part 1

  Last week, during a meeting, Dave brought up the idea for me to go on a formal hunt for any studies that fit the triad outlined in his Low Carb Cholesterol Challenge. I tend to spend a fair bit more time digging through studies than he does, and a fresh set of eyes can help with any task. …

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Jun 09

Cholesterol Code Workbook 2: The Mysterious Lipoprotein(a)

On this episode of the Cholesterol Code Workbook, we discuss five papers about the most mysterious lipoprotein: Lipoprotein(a). We discuss its involvement in wound healing, its role as a carrier for oxidized phospholipids, and potential influences on risk for cardiovascular disease. Take a seat, grab a snack, and join us as we venture into the …

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Jun 05

The Big Deal About Lipoprotein(a)

A Mysterious Figure While studying the lipid system in depth, lipoprotein(a) (pronounced lipoprotein little a; also called Lp(a)) was a particle that repeatedly came up in the study material in passing, although at the time I had no idea what it was. It was never something I had seen mentioned in the mainstream information on …

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