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Jun 26

Philippa’s Hypothesis – Thyroid Dysfunction May Explain LMHR Phenotype

In this interview, Dave talks to Philippa about her hypothesis that the Lean Mass Hyper-responder phenotype may be described by an underlying thyroid dysfunction. They deep dive into the idea to discuss the relevant research, and compare it to Dave’s lipid energy model. 0:00 Intro and brief overview of Lean Mass Hyper-responders Site mentioned: Lean …

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Apr 20

Lipids and Viral Infections

A Quick Recap In our last post about lipids and the immune system, we focused about how lipoproteins, particularly LDL, can participate in immune responses directly during infection – both by blocking the infection of cells through multiple mechanisms, and by binding to pathogens to neutralize them. In that post, infections were being referenced generally …

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Nov 04

#KetoAF Experiment Results – Trialing High Fat Carnivore

#KetoAF Talk of the Town on Twitter Around March of this year I began to hear the term “#KetoAF” being used on Twitter. Not just from one person, but from several. The people using the hashtag weren’t using it to mean “very keto” or to exclaim that something was keto in a cool way. Instead, …

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Aug 28

Welcoming Debbie to CholesterolCode!

As CholesterolCode continues to grow, our ability to handle all the comments coming in has been a concern, but we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to answer the awesome questions you guys have either. Luckily, not too long ago, Low Carb San Diego happened… Introducing Debbie At Low Carb San Diego, I met Debbie …

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Aug 20

#CholesterolScience Show – With Ethan Weiss, MD

0:00 Intro and Ethan’s background 3:33 Cholesterol Skeptics and Concerned Medical Professionals – meeting in the middle. 8:20 How many patients does Ethan feel reach a decent level of knowledge about lipidology and cardiology? 10:15 Navigating the discussion on the benefits/risks of lipid changes from diet 17:15 When cholesterol is elevated for a metabolic reason …

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