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Oreos versus Statins: An LMHR cholesterol drop N = 1

I mean for this post to serve as a transparent and prospective article of scientific intent, not a contract or final document. I will express the aim, describe the design, pose my hypothesis and provide considerations. Overview: Aim: To assess the impact of Oreo supplementation versus statin therapy on LDL-C levels in a lean-mass hyper-responder …

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Lean Mass Hyper-Responder: Is it the saturated fat?

It’s a question that comes up again and again: Could Lean Mass Hyper-Responders (LMHRs) just be eating more saturated fat? Rather than repeatedly answering this question in cumbersome Twitter threads, I thought I’d save both Dave and myself some time by consolidating 5 points that challenge the saturated fat hypothesis of LMHR: 1. Magnitude of effect. Many …

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Comment on: Mark’s “Making of a LMHR”

Recently, Mark Lightell, a 29-year-old endurance athlete, took it upon himself to try to convert to the LMHR phenotype with a two-week n=1 experiment. You can find Mark’s post about this experience here. Mark and Dave invited me to do a little commentary on Mark’s experiment. Here it goes… First, I want to reinforce my …

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Our Paper on Low Carb, LDL Cholesterol, and the LMHR Phenotype is Now Finalized

Note from Dave: this guest post from Nick Norwitz discusses our #LMHRpaper, which as of today, is now finalized. Thanks again to the many wonderful readers who contributed their efforts in our final edit. The final version of the Lean Mass Hyper-Responder (LMHR) paper was just released! I’m pleased to report that, even in the …

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