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2020 – Year in Review

Whadda year. Documentary Interrupted It’s crazy to think we started it off filming #TheCCDoc across 17 countries and 28 cities across the world (Jan/Feb)…and yet…that’s much, much smaller news than what has happened since in 2020. That said, we have some excellent footage for #TheCCDoc (36 interviews!) and a new plan to wrap in the …

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CSF: Powering Milestone and $30,000 from Goal for Travel and Genetic Testing

We’ve reached a key milestone in having our study now being powered as the last step before submission to the IRB. We have $60,000 yet to raise, but we have an anonymous donor matching $30,000 — thus, we need only raise another $30,000 to meet our goal for travel and genetic testing. For more details …

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Open Letter to the Editor – Journal of Clinical Lipidology

On October 30th, the Journal of Clinical Lipidology published Ketogenic diets, not for everyone. It details five cases where lipid levels were substantially altered after patients adopted a low carb diet. Moreover, the case series specifically identifies us, “The Cholesterol Code Team” and points to examples of statements we have on the website. In contrast, …

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The OxLDL Replication Experiment – Findings – Part I

This experiment was conducted from August 30th to September 14th over three five day phases: a maintenance (weight stable calorie), hypocaloric (low calorie), and hypercaloric (high calorie). See OxLDL Replication Experiment Design post for further information on setup. Again, this experiment was executed with the intent replicate the prior OxLDL experiment in April of last …

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Our Work Discussed on The Joe Rogan Experience!

In the podcast dropped today by the prolific Joe Rogan, our work with the Lipid Energy Model, consideration of lipid risk in a metabolic context, and of course, the LMHR Study all got some decent airplay. Mega thanks to Paul Saladino who brought all these concepts up about an hour and 49 minutes in. (The …

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