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#EVOOvsButter Trials and Tribulations

Although involving a lot of unpleasantness, the last three days have been interesting, to say the least. To explain why, we should start from the beginning… Inspiration for the EVOOvsButter Experiment Before this experiment, there have been a number of others that used a ketogenic meal replacement mix with different sources of fat. These were …

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil vs Butter Experiment v1.1 – Design

[Update 2020-08-14: After some issues over the second day (see social media discussion), I’m changing the design and restarting the experiment with lower overall dosage of both the EVOO and butter arms. The schedule is likewise pushed back exactly one week. All changes reflected below…] The original version of this experiment was unfortunately paused due …

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My Personal Journey with Respectful Debate

If you’ve followed me on social media for long, you’ll note I’m very proactive about engaging in conversations with people of opposing views. (Note this has a companion Twitter thread here) I consider this one of the most important tools for learning in my toolbox.This isn’t because a single response tweet or comment can tell …

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#EVOOvsButter Pause, LMHR Study Update, Energy Model Paper

EVOOvsButter Experiment Paused The Extra Virgin Olive Oil vs Butter Experiment had to be aborted. I was feeling a number of symptoms I assume to be related to electrolyte issues on Day 2 and some further issues on Day 4 and 5 that may or may not be electrolyte related. I may detail the symptoms …

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I first became aware of Sarah Hallberg from watching her amazing talk at my very first low carb conference in 2016, Low Carb Vail. The talk was LDL on LCHF and thus she instantly became someone I needed to talk to about my quirky ideas about diet-induced cholesterol levels on low carb. In spite of …

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