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Jan 07

Triglyceride Carryover – A Possible Game Changer

[Note, much of this data is discussed in two videos from last week. One where I first announced the data, and another where I go over Q&A with Siobhan.] The last week and a half has brought me some powerful new data and insights on triglycerides. While most of what I’m about to show you …

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Dec 23

Happy Holidays, Happy New Year

Just a heads up to everyone that both Siobhan and I will be much less active on the site between December 24th and January 1st. Please be patient as it may be a while until we can get to your comments. Thanks!

Dec 22

Major Milestone – Repeated CIMT Regression while LDL Cholesterol Averaged Above 200 mg/dL

I often joke that I have to live schizophrenically between Scientist Dave and Human Dave (the professional lab rat). Today both of them are extremely happy. What is a CIMT? CIMT stands for Carotid Intima-Media Thickness test. Here’s a brief description that puts it well: The carotid intima-media thickness test (CIMT) is a measure used to …

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Dec 18

Prediction: Mikhaila Peterson’s Cholesterol Will Climb

Who is Mikhaila Peterson? If you’re a regular reader of this blog there’s a pretty strong chance you already know who Mikhaila Peterson is. Certainly, her recently famous father may have contributed to her renown. But in my opinion, she should be most recognized most for her extraordinary health journey, which can’t be understated. If …

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Dec 09

#CholesterolScience with Ivor Cummins and Joel Kahn (Rescheduled)

Alas, due to a recent unfortunate event, I had to delay these two great interviews. But both guests were gracious enough to reschedule to this week. How to Ask Your Question You can ask questions of either Ivor Cummins or Joel Kahn in advance of the broadcast one of two ways: Comment to this blog post …

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