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Apr 20

Back to the Lipids

Four weeks ago I posted for the first time on Covid-19. On that date, it was relatively new and there was some debate as to how quickly it would or wouldn’t spread. I predicted it would likely spread pretty quickly given the existing rate of change and made several videos on it, even advocating at …

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Apr 14

A Dialog on the Lipid Triad with Sigma Nutrition Radio

A while ago a podcast aired (episode 317) from Sigma Nutrition Radio that referenced concern of low carbers having high LDL cholesterol (LDL). But in particular, that they shouldn’t take comfort in having high HDL cholesterol (HDL) and low Triglycerides (TG). This was meaningful to me as it was referencing the “Lipid Triad” (high LDL, …

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Mar 23

Two Weeks of Coronavirus that Changed the World

The last time I posted here on March 2nd feels like a lifetime ago. We had just returned from a nine week trip filming for the Cholesterol Code Documentary and we were gearing up to do more filming at Low Carb Denver. I had many great interviews lined up with very top level talent. But …

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Mar 02

Documentary Update – Nine Weeks Around the World

We’re now wrapping up our international trip and will be heading back to “the states” this week. We’ve traveled 17 countries and 28 cities for the duration via plane, train, automobile, ship, and just about every public transit you can imagine. Over Fifty Hours of Interviews… So Far In all, we gathered 36 interviews with …

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Feb 24

Documentary Weeks 5, 6, 7 – New Zealand, UAE, Europe

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