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One Year Since Publication of the Lipid Energy Model

On this day last year, May 20th, 2022, we published the Lipid Energy Model in Metabolites. To say this was a milestone in my unlikely journey into research would be an understatement. The Lipid Energy Model (LEM) started as a simple idea around why I suspected my LDL cholesterol (LDL-C) would rise substantially on a …

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LMHR Study Recruitment Complete

We’re beyond excited to announce the Lean Mass Hyper-Responder has completed enrollment. Needless to say, this has been a long awaited milestone. We’ve updated the recruitment page at CSF to let everyone know we are no longer taking participants for the study. Again, each of our 100 participants will make a total of two trips …

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The New Cholesterol Code – Less Comments, More Research

Hello everyone! You may have noticed we’ve been posting less frequently here at CholesterolCode.com (CC). This isn’t for lack of interesting things to share and update you on – it’s because Siobhan and I are now fully entrenched in both formal research through the CitizenScienceFoundation.org and expanding our blood testing service, OwnYourLabs.com. A Quick Recap Here’s …

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Heading to Florida with Some New Pins in Hand (Get Yours Here)

I’m excited to announce I’ll be heading to the Keto Orlando Summit this weekend. I’m also excited to announce we made some commemorative magnetic pins for this occasion to help fundraise for the Citizen Science Foundation. If you donate $25 or more (see below), we’ll ship you the pin directly, or I’ll actually hand it …

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Start Here (Pinned)

Welcome to CholesterolCode.com. This site serves as an information and research hub for emerging data on cholesterol. particularly in the context of a low carbohydrate lifestyle. If you know little to nothing about cholesterol -> You can check out our Simple Guide to Cholesterol series. It’s full of illustrations and is written for laypeople. Enjoy! …

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