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Aug 12

Blood Testing Drive in Low Carb Houston

We’re doing a #BloodTestingDrive at Low Carb Houston where people can have their labs taken right there at the conference. Appointments will span the mornings of Thursday and Friday, and as always, we recommend being 12-14 hours fasted before the blood draw. Register at HoustonBloodDraw.com Nadir and I discuss the blood testing on location, how …

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Aug 09

August Will Be Slow – In the Mean Time…

This month we have a lot going on that will limit our participation with the site. I’m (hopefully) in the last stages of the book and looking to lock the manuscript soon. I told my publisher that I’d be very head down through August to make it happen. Siobhan is off this week, and once …

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Jul 30

Conferences, Blood Test Drive, and the Coming Book

UPDATE: I just found out Fat, a Documentary dropped today. I’ll have a separate post on it shortly after I return home from shooting in LA. Ketofest The last two weekends Siobhan and I were at Ketofest and Low Carb USA San Diego respectively. We both gave presentations at Ketofest and as usual, enjoyed the …

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Jun 16

A Provocative Question About Cholesterol and Mortality

I felt the urge to riff for 4.5 minutes on this topic and made it a video. And for a few examples, see also my NHANES tweets here (taken from my risk presentation)… A preview of my new slide for the upcoming talk this weekend #LowCarbSeattle. This is the lipid profile of the five living …

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Jun 13

New Report Tool Launched

Consider this our open beta for the new Report Tool. Feel free to try it out yourself and comment in your report down below. Also, let us know any/all issues or bugs you may encounter. Please remember we have limited bandwidth to develop this, so we can’t typically do feature requests. Thanks!

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