August Will Be Slow – In the Mean Time…

This month we have a lot going on that will limit our participation with the site.

  • I’m (hopefully) in the last stages of the book and looking to lock the manuscript soon. I told my publisher that I’d be very head down through August to make it happen.
  • Siobhan is off this week, and once returning will be helping us with the launch of a new project.

But never fear, we have some great material for you to check out in the mean time.

AdapNation Article

I just had an interview with AdapNation on lipids (likely to be released next week). But they had first came on to my radar a little earlier with this very extensive article they wrote on cholesterol. It’s actually very visual and layperson-friendly, so I thought I’d given them a shoutout.

Nathan Owens is on a Research Tear

As always, we’re interested in lipoproteins and their participation in the immune response (if you haven’t already read the amazing piece on this from Siobhan Huggins, do so right now!). I’ve been impressed with many new studies and ideas Nathan has been discussing lately with this topic on social media. Here’s one thread worth reading through:

Riveting Interview with Biochemist Patrick Theut on CAC

This question comes up a lot – can CAC be reversed? My answer has continued to be “I don’t know.” But perhaps the most incredible story I’ve seen to date comes from this episode of Ivor Cummins interviewing Patrick Theut on his own journey with this very question.

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Ed Bailey
Ed Bailey
4 years ago

Dave, has your publisher started to work with retailers to make your book available for preorder? Definitely looking forward to poring over it as soon as it’s out!

Ed Bailey
Ed Bailey
4 years ago
Reply to  Dave

Fair enough. I’ll be sure to keep my eyes peeled for that forward discussion!

4 years ago

I think its worth pointing out that this guy also says he hasn’t brushed his teeth in ten years and had a fuzzy story he didn’t want to bring up, something about briefly giving himself diabetes.
Encouraging people, or telling them they can eliminate their need to brush their teeth is a dangerous precident to set and doesn’t help the growing validity of the low-carb movement.

Bill Hare
Bill Hare(@harefam)
4 years ago
Reply to  IamWillis77

I think his main point was that towards root cause. Granted, tooth brushing is a technique for removing dental plaque but dietary carbohydrates/sugars are involved in the formation of plaque and IF the Keto diet decreases the formation of dental plaque(root cause) then the necessity of brushing decreases. But I do agree that if the general masses eating a SAD stopped brushing/flossing you would see the same results that Weston Price found.

4 years ago

Just woke up 2.5 years after a strange so called cardiac event. Interesting enough Troponin was slightly elevated for 4 days and was discharged with no diagnosis accept to fix an infected molar that has been a problem leading up to the event. Docs found it strange that Troponin measured like a wave but CAC showed minor calcification and every test in the book measured good except what my cardiologist found as elevated LPa aside from offering statins reasoning that he (south Asian decent) has elevated level and tears his protocol. I declined thinking if it doesn’t help him why should I take it. Anyway no more talk about it until I read up on Bob Harper a month ago that I realized this is worse than I thought. Started experimenting not sure how but I dropped 50points and only after my LDL’s went up. I am ready to dive in more so far I’m very intrigued by your approach. I have other thoughts about this LPa but I am gathering as much as I can before I make a final determination.

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