Announcement: $20,000 Donation for Lipid Triad Analysis

BREAKING: Last night I posted a tweet (see below) curious if any data scientists would be interested in querying one of the major longitudinal datasets (such as UK Biobank) on the “Lipid Triad” (high LDL-C + high HDL-C + low triglycerides) vs All Cause Mortality.

To my great surprise, an anonymous donor has come forward who is interested in funding this analysis to publication for $20,000.

If you or anyone you know is a data scientist who would be interested in this endeavor, please reach out to me via twitter (@daveketo) or via comment below.

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Ellie M
Ellie M
23 days ago

Congratulations on receiving the wonderful $20,000 funding from an anonymous donor! Prayers being sent for a successful find of a data scientist to perform this query!

carol; z fox
carol; z fox
22 days ago


Johanna W.
Johanna W.
17 days ago

Amazing! I hope someone takes this up because I would love to see the results of this data analysis. I have been eating LCHF for almost 3 years. At 5’1″, I am now 140 lbs, down from a high of 200. My cholesterol numbers since going LCHF fit perfectly in the triad and meet the LMHR criteria, but I am obviously not lean mass and my waist-to-height ratio and BMI are still both higher than I would like.  I continue to slowly lose pounds, and body fat, and can hopefully soon get those last risk factors out of the way.  I have been following the progress of your LMHR study, but would love to see a data analysis that fits for people like me….those who have a perfect triad, are not lean mass (yet!), have improved on so many risk factors, but still have family doctors who are VERY concerned about our high LDL. I will be watching!  
P.S. I’m an engineer too, and love your systemic approach to lipidology!

Angela Donnette Gould
Angela Donnette Gould
16 days ago

Dear Dave,
Congratulations on the amazing 20K donation to assist health care and all of us to understand The Cholesterol Triad. What I find interesting is the U.K. Biobank just published a study as Rebecca Kelly the lead researcher saying yet again, saturated fat is bad. I am a 62 female, with cerebral palsy (CP), mother (wife 32 years) of two sons. I have battled HC all of my adult life. I aqua jog 15 miles a week at our local YMCA, and have been doing keto for the last five years. Current labs are: TC 344, LDL 277. HDL 51 (Doc told me to add beef tallow to coffee – prior to pandemic HDL was 62), TG 98, HbA1c 4.9, BS 98, Insulin .5 and calculating remnant cholesterol 16 all labs were fasting. My background Master’s Degree in Software Engineering that resulting in working for Defense Contractors before becoming a mother. As a mother I taught at local Community Colleges, Catholic elementary schools and a private four-year university. Due to my CP, I fractured my L5/S1 transverse process and have a four-level nerve entrapment in my cervical spine. As such I was determined to be permanently disabled. I authored “My Mommy’s Toys” on through Amazon and am currently working on my second book “Learning ABCs by Walking the Bible: People, Places, and Things”. How do I forward my lab work to you for your study? Sincerely, Angela

7 days ago

Trajectories of Blood Lipid Concentrations Over the Adult Life Course and Risk of Cardiovascular Disease and All‐Cause Mortality: Observations From the Framingham Study Over 35 Years
Published in JAHA in 2019. What you need to read.

The higher the total cholesterol and higher the LDL-c the higher the hazard ratio (increase of all cause mortality). The science has been consistent for decades regarding correlation between high TC and LDL and ASCVD and all cause mortality.

Dave, focus on the years of actual medical research that keep concluding the same results. Diets are best understood from a longitudinal basis. Too many LCHF diet studies are very short term and rely on the 3 month results. The damage starts to mount immediately but not shown in A1c and lipid figures until 6 months. Also, too many case studies like yourself assume that your short term results are sustainable.

I have treated too many patients like Dave, experimenting with LCHF diets for short term success. Patients develop Pre-diabetes and Type 2 DM with some having irreversible issues with blood sugars, heart disease, migraines, liver and kidney dysfunction, and increased weight. LCHF is a dangerous diet. I have seen the long term damage first hand. Primarily whole food plant based diets are the healthiest.

It amazes me how sites like this seem to have the answers to justify a poor diet. Pass along medical misinformation and disclaiming it should be illegal.

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