A New Possibility



Sorry to be so cryptic, but I’m in an unusual situation. I need to let everyone know I’ve had a sudden turning point with my research, but I can’t explain what it is just yet (which will be made obvious later). This is of a level that I need to put extraordinary focus on it, so I’ll be less active with social media.

I can’t talk any further about it until I’ve reached a certain threshold of certainty, which will take some time. My best guess is that I’ll be able to give a preliminary report about in about a week or two.

Thank you for your patience!

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3 years ago

We’ll be here.

3 years ago

Just to let you know I have been on keto diet for about 12 months. Your research was unknown to me when, last week, I fasted for four days and then had a blood test on the last morning. My cholesterol and LDL were in “very high” range by the current Australian standards. Everything else sparkling. So was very interested to discover your research and video! Thanks for doing this research. Regards, Jim

Kerry Ireland
3 years ago

You’re a machine!

3 years ago

Looking forward to it!

Julie Gregory
3 years ago

Can’t wait…

3 years ago

The data reported in the present study strongly suggest that the dual presence of CARC and CRAC motifs within the same TM domain reflects a mirror code controlling protein-cholesterol interactions in both the outer and inner membrane leaflets.

2 years ago

Research has shown that blood cholesterol changes brought on by dietary cholesterol intake are less significant than changes brought on by saturated and trans fats in the diet.