December 2021 archive

Blasting Off Into 2022

Make no mistake, 2021 has been a watershed year for us. There have been many substantial developments both in what has been completed and what has just begun. New Research Spotlight for Siobhan Huggins Early in the year my colleague, Siobhan Huggins was diagnosed with Lipedema and quickly shifted focus to this and related conditions. …

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BREAKING: Our Paper on Low Carb, LDL Cholesterol, and the LMHR Phenotype is Now Available

Note from Dave: This is a guest post from Nick Norwitz on our just released LMHR paper. This post also has a live “Corrections / Clarifications” section (at bottom) which we’ll be updating as needed. We welcome and look forward to all constructive corrections and comments to our paper. Four of my colleagues and I …

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